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Can I use my cell phone in Costa Rica while traveling?

Can I use my cell phone in Costa Rica while traveling?Wondering if you can use your cell phone in Costa Rica when traveling? You need to be able to stay in touch with your family back home while having a good time, right? 

You live in Costa Rica and you have family and friends coming to visit all the time? Of course they want to know how to be able to use their cell phone in Costa Rica while visiting you. Now you can just send them the link to this article and they’re all set.

Need Google Maps or Waze to function on your phone? You’d like to pick up your emails while you are traveling? WhatsApp is a lot cheaper to use, as well as FaceTime when you want to talk to your beloved ones. You can now even use Live Video on Facebook and share them with your Facebook friends. So having internet access on your phone is probably very important to you.

Why do Ticos talk about the mother of Tarzan?

Why do Ticos talk about the mother of Tarzan?You don’t want to be called The Mother of Tarzan in Costa Rica, you know why? In the past, I have been telling you about certain slang words used in Costa Rica, to give you the opportunity to go a little bit native when you move here.  

Learn the way of the local people and you’ll feel at home in no time! Today’s turn is to explain more about Tarzan’s mother.

Generally Ticos are very humble people, but they are also proud people. They like to be treated correctly. I already told you in another blog why you should treat them well.

Once in a while though, you will meet one who thinks he or she is the mother of Tarzan. You’ll also find many expats who think they are the mother of Tarzan, a wrong behavior when you're a guest in a country. Ticos generally don’t like foreigners to behave like the mother of Tarzan.


Costa Rica ~ Pura Vida

“Costa Rica ~ Pura Vida!”

I always enjoy it when the expats who moved to Costa Rica have a good time, especially when they tell others about it. There is already enough negativity in this world. Costa Rica ~ Pura Vida!

Those, who are able to adjust to their new home country and learn the language, have a better chance to have such a good time. Ned Nossaman, is one of those who did and who does. Because Ned adjusted to Costa Rica and never expected Costa Rica to adjust to him. 

Of course there are things that are not perfect and you can learn how to accept them and live with them. Ned describes, in his poem, what his feelings for Costa Rica are. 

Thank you Ned, for taking the time to write this beautiful poem and sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you for your beautiful gift.

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are booming beaches in Costa Rica

Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are booming beaches in Costa RicaI went surfing. In my case, that means looking how kids grab their surfboards, run into the ocean and jump on a surfboard to ride the waves for hours. It’s amazing what they do. I just look.

The last time I went to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa was about 22 years ago. I have never been a surfer so the northern part of the Peninsula de Nicoya is not a place have visited very often. Twice in 35 years is really not enough, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. The place is booming.

I’m not sure how to write Mal Pais as I have seen also as Malpais or MalPais, Google seems to be fine with all versions, in case you want to start looking.

We were invited by our newest affiliate on the American European real estate group, Peninsula Realty to come over for a couple of days to get some first-hand marketing material. 

I can’t write about a place where I was 22 years ago, can I? One of the partners, Andrew Rhee, owns the Star Mountain Jungle Lodge, where we stayed for two nights, on his invitation. 

Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?


Ever heard of Christopher Howard’s famous Live in Costa Rica tours?Too many property buyers end up running all over the country without having a clue where to purchase a vacation home or retirement home in Costa Rica.

You have heard friends or family talk about how wonderful Costa Rica is and wouldn’t it be great to own a 2nd home or vacation home there? Or imagine buying your retirement home in that exotic country that is only a few hours away from your family?

Unfortunately, many don’t know where to get started and the venture becomes a blur. Imagine dreaming about living in Florida. But where would you buy a home in Florida?

Maybe you’d buy on the South Florida Atlantic Coast or on the North Florida Atlantic Coast?

Or you might think that the Florida Panhandle or the Florida Gulf Coast give you better options?


Costa Rica retirement tours


Costa Rica retirement ToursIf you really think you have the tolerance to move to another country and  even enjoy the ups and downs you will encounter, you’ve just passed STEP ONE of our Costa Rica Retirement Exam. 

Once you have signed up for George Lundquist’s Costa Rica retirement tours, you’ve also passed step two and you’re ready for adventure. George calls his Costa Rica retirement tours “Retire in Costa Rica on Social Security” but it doesn’t matter to him if you bring a lot more money that just your social security, don’t worry. 

What is that adventure all about? Not running scared I hope? Find out now what we have for you on this incredible trip. It’s going to be the best trip you’ve ever made in your life, your due diligence trip for retirement. 


Costa Rica had pasta for breakfast last Friday


Costa Rica had pasta for breakfast Pasta is an unusual type of food to have for breakfast and Ticos usually have Gallo Pinto at that time of the day as you all know by now. You might not know that soccer is a religion in Costa Rica. Last Friday, the Costarican National Soccer Team had Italian for breakfast by winning 1 – 0 from Italy at  and head coach Jorge Luis Pinto put Costa Rica on the map AGAIN. Italy had never expected to be losing from Costa Rica and honestly, I didn’t either. See player Brian Ruiz, who scored, celebrating in the photo on left.

Soccer is has always been the number one sport in Costa Rica, we call it futból. If you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica, now is your chance of learning about soccer because as soon as you put a foot on Costarican soil, you will have to get used to soccer being more important than anything else in life. Costa Rica already has a #1 ranking on the Happy Planet Index and I invite you to enjoy the party with us and get a real feeling what Costa Rica is all about.  

Costa Rica was virtually unknown until President Oscar Arias received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1987 for his efforts to end the Central American crisis. The Nobel Prize in combined efforts with the start of green tourism has put Costa Rica on the map for the first time.  And now it has happened for the 2nd time.

5 Top Places to visit in Costa Rica

by guest blogger Alice Jerusha

Arenal Volcano at daylightCosta Rica for many years has been a centre of attraction for many people from all over the world especially for those who want to take holiday while exploring the amazing features that the country offers to the world.

From the volcanoes and lush rainforest to the pristine beaches & water, traveling in this country can be a great ideal for adventurers.

Costa Rica has an unimaginable amount of beautiful places to visit like the many beaches, the mountains as well as in the cities of the Central Valley. But the following are the top 5 places to visit in Costa Rica:

Culture bumps are normal when moving to any foreign country

by Ivo Henfling

Culture bumps are normal when moving to any foreign country Recently, we have been publishing blogs by expats TicoNuevo and FloridaTico that our readers seem to like. Why do readers like them? Because they tell you the truth! Because they don’t only tell you about all the great things that Costa Rica offers but also about all these culture bumps they hit on the way!

Many readers of our blogs might think these culture bumps only exist for those who move to Costa Rica. Well, surprise surprise, they’re not.  There is a website that is called exactly that, Culture Bumps, and it is a space where expats tell their stories. It’s fun to read.

I love particularly how they describe on their page what a culture bump is: A culture bump is a situation in intercultural communication that one or more people have experienced as confusing, strange, irritating, embarrassing, or amusing. Sound familiar?

Cultural differences between Costa Rica and the United States

by guest blogger TicoNuevo

Pronouncing Costarican Spanish is different than pronouncing in EnglishI’m going to spend this blog on small items of note and a few observations. Much of what I am writing about this week is cultural. Some of it similar to the culture we are used to being part of in North America, some it a derivative of the Spanish influence and, while I am no expert, some of it peculiar to Costa Rica.

Language: be aware that Costa Rica has words and terms that are derived from the king’s Spanish, some that are common to the Spanish language of Central and/or South America and many terms that are used only in Costa Rica or even limited to regions of this small country. I’m not giving a Spanish lesson here, but be aware that there are language differences used by Ticos in Costa Rica.

However, your attempts to make yourself understood in Spanish will not fall on deaf ears and if you are friendly enough terms with native speakers they will begin to correct your misconjugations, mispronunciations, or the outright misuse of local Spanish out of respect and friendship.