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Do we really get a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica?

Do we really get a lot of sunshine in Costa Rica?

Some think that when they read that Costa Rica has the best climate in the world, that it's all advertising techniques. Is it for real? Is the climate in Costa Rica real so good? Is there a lot of sunshine?
I’ve been here way too long I guess. Or I’ve been sitting in the sun in Costa Rica too much. I just realized that I got so used to have sunshine every day, I don’t even notice it anymore. A short video by Visit Holland showed the importance of the sun in Northern countries while we, who live in Costa Rica, take it for granted.

It’s been many years since I moved to Costa Rica but when I go on vacation to visit my mom in Holland, I only go during the summer months. Even then I’m cold most of the time.

I don’t go on vacation to Holland particularly to enjoy the weather there. If I’d be interested in nice weather, I’d stay in Costa Rica and go to the Central Pacific, the South Pacific, the North Pacific or even the Caribbean beaches. Or I just stay home. Who is as lucky as I am to have all those choices? You guessed it: those who live in Costa Rica.

13 Tips for the Costa Rica rainy season


13 Tips for the Costa Rica rainy seasonWould you like to break an arm or a leg when walking into a Costa Rica shopping mall when it rains? I bet you don’t. The rainy season, or the green season as we call it in Costa Rica, is starting soon. When it rains in Costa Rica, it pours, so we all have to learn how to handle this.

In most countries, when you walk into a building, they will have anti-slip tile or rubber mats at the entrance. Don’t expect the same to happen in Costa Rica. If you do, you might break something and you don’t want to sue the mall for the medical expenses. The legal expenses will be higher than the cost of getting your leg fixed. If you do want to sue the mall for medical expenses, you’re in for a long fight.

Last year, when Dany and I were in Miami, I parked my rental car in the parking garage of a building and at the entrance they had this sign as you can see in the photo below that said “Please HELP keep our lobby floors dry. Use our complimentary wet umbrella bags.”

Winter in the US and Canada vs Winter in Costa Rica


Winter in the US and Canada versus Winter in Costa RicaIt seems to never stop being cold up north, even the realtors on Google+ complain about it almost every day and we’re almost in May!  It never rains in Southern California is a lie because it does. Though we get hail once every 15 years or so, it never snows in Costa Rica and that’s the truth.

Some call me a lucky guy and yes, I am. But most of the time, we choose our own luck. I did, in 1979. That was when I took the decision to move to Costa Rica and not to put up with the cold anymore and the weather in Costa Rica is almost always nice. My wife believes she needs to go feel the snow for herself and see if she likes it.  She gets cold at 55ºF. I have told her many times, she is free to go to check it out, but I'll stay nice and warm in Costa Rica.

I have written about 500 blogs between the Easy Times, Ivo’s blog and some other websites about everything from moving to Costa Rica, Costa Rica real estate and living in Costa Rica and this is going to be the shortest blog of all.

Costa Rica is a tropical country

by guest blogger Ticonuevo

Costa Rica is a tropical countryYou may have already guessed, I’m from the West Coast—a second-generation native Californian, in fact.

Both sides of my family lived there for about a century.

So, there are some things about Costa Rica that are pretty new to me. 

If you are from other parts of North America, a few of my observations may not be so different from what you have and do experience daily. My blog on the Costa Rica weather covers what we have experienced to date and is mostly about the Central Valley where we reside.

Hail and Lightning in Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling

Hail has fallen in tropical Costa RicaReal estate agents always write about the beautiful weather in Costa Rica, but this time I wanted to write about bad weather in Costa Rica, in fact, about hail and lightning in Costa Rica.

The girl in the photo on the left is not in Denver, Colorado. She is in her backyard in Heredia, Costa Rica. Yes, we had hail in Costa Rica on June 6, 2013 and specifically in the city of Heredia.

Costa Rica is a tropical country and we have tropical weather. Tropical weather can mean a lot of sunshine but also serious rainstorms, flooding and damage to possessions. That is the reason I write so much about needing the help of a real estate agent who lives in the area to purchase a property in Costa Rica. A good rain storm can make your home disappear if you did not buy in the right place or did not take the necesary precautions. Weather is a very important issue in Costa Rica real estate.

Weather considerations before moving to Costa Rica

by guest blogger Ticonuevo

Costa Rica dry seasonNovember-April is high season—or the dry season or tourist season. In my opinion, it is more-accurately called high season because of the higher prices of getting to or arriving at tourist destinations or that “high” relates to high occupancy at hotels, resorts, and B&Bs.

May-October, has historically been considered the “green season” or rainy season here in Costa Rica.

However, weather worldwide is changing and we had rain on the day we arrived at the end of February—unheard of we were told.

We’ve had rain in March and a significant amount in April. Add to that the fact that Costa Rica suffered a drought in 2012. (It was severe enough that several communities are currently out of water and having it trucked in.)

Costa Rica weather and temperatures

by Ivo Henfling

Working in shorts and flipflops in Costa RicaI just received some very cold looking photos of snowcovered roads full and roof tops and cars covered in snow from a friend and I am sitting here at my desk, looking over my computer monitor at the beautiful Escazu mountains on one side and the Heredia mountains on the other, with the sun shining in the palm tree in my neighbor’s yard.

And I am sitting in shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops, enjoying the Costa Rica weather and the 78ºF temperatures that we have almost year round.

Don’t you just hate me now? I bet you do! Be smarter than that, move to Costa Rica just as I did many years ago and buy a property in Costa Rica from me. That way I can keep working in shorts and flip-flops. I still think it was the best decision I took in my life.

God, I always hated the cold and I bet many of you do too.

Who says it does not get cold in Costa Rica?

by Ivo Henfling

Who says it does not get cold in Costa Rica?Many of us who have moved to Costa Rica come from cold places. Most of us did so because of the nice weather in Costa Rica, amongst the best in the world.

If I look at my list of clients, I have people from New York, Portland, Kelowna and even less cold places like Berlin, Amsterdam and Los Angeles where it still gets to temperatures of around 30ºF or zero Celsius.

I even have one client who still works in Kazakhstan and comes home to Atenas once in a while to get warm, he must be freezing his butt off right now. Most of us moved to Costa Rica to never be cold again.