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The cost of home and car ownership in Costa Rica


The Cost of Ownership in Costa RicaLet’s continue last week’s discussion of bargains: inexpensive and/or plentiful things you’ll discover in Costa Rica.

Our last utility to mention is water. It is delivered to us from the local municipality and is just a whole lot less expensive than in the States.

We had to water our acre like crazy during the dry season this year to give the recently planted landscaping a chance to take root and our bill was “outrageously high” (around $60 a month), but I know folks in our town that pay on an average of about $8.00 a month all year long.

In summary, utilities by and large are less costly than in North America.

Knees and feet hurt | get them fixed in Costa Rica

Knees and feet hurt | get them fixed in Costa RicaI have been struggling with bad pain in my feet for years and no doctor could find what the problem was. Thank God for the internet (not of Facebook this time), that made it possible for me to find out that I have a neurological problem. A Costa Rica real estate agent who cannot walk is no good, so I decided to do something about it.

In Costa Rica, the advantage is that if you have a medical problem, you do not need to be referred by any doctor. You just find a doctor in the phone book and make the appointment.

That is how simple it was for me to make an appointment with a neurologist in CIMA hospital in Escazu, a private hospital in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

by Ivo Henfling

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent awardNothing is better for business than a good service to your clients. In my business, Costa Rica real estate, I have always tried to excel in service as to my opinion it means the continuity of your business and it is a lot easier to keep an old client happy than making new clients.

But mostly the larger business like banks and insurance companies have a hard time making their employees understand what good customer service is and end up with lots of frustrated clients.

I am one of those who complain when service is bad. But I also think that when people do a good job, they deserve a pat on the shoulder.

This time it is don Isidro’s turn for a well-deserved pat on the shoulder. Who the heck is don Isidro some of you might say?