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Ethical Traveler puts Costa Rica on their list of Developing World 10 Best Ethical Destinations


Costa Rica on the list of developing world 10 best ethical destinationsEthical Traveler supports countries working to maintain strong environmental, human rights, and eco-tourism values.

The nonprofit organization Ethical Traveler places Costa Rica on their Top 10 of best ethical destinations world-wide.   Ethical Traveler urges urge travelers to step off the beaten path. Each year, after extensive research, their team chooses the 10 best countries to visit in the developing world.

These countries are rich in natural wonders, and alive with fascinating culture. They’re also committed to conserving their natural treasures, while building economies that sustain and empower local communities.

This year 2011, Ethical Traveler, has chosen the following countries as the winners, in alphabetical order (not in order of merit)

Exercising in Atenas

by Isabelle Jones, your Atenas real estate specialist

One of the many things my family and I love about living in Atenas is the weather in Atenas and natural beauty which is so conducive to year-round outdoor exercise. 

Every day from early morning until evening, you see both locals and foreigners of all ages walking, jogging and bicycling.

It is part of our daily routine here which we so enjoy. In Colorado, we were also active but more limited due to weather conditions.

Recently, besides our outside activities, my son and I decided to join one of the local gyms.  There are three in Atenas.  This one was our choice since it offers a smaller environment with personalized service. 

Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world

source: NEF The Happy Planet Index

Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the worldThe Happy Planet Index is a measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered around the world.

It is the first ever index to combine environmental impact with well-being to measure the environmental efficiency with which country by country, people live long and happy lives. The second compilation of the global HPI, published in July 2009, shows that we are still far from achieving sustainable well-being and puts forward a vision of what we need to do to get there.

The Index doesn’t reveal the ‘happiest’ country in the world. It shows the relative efficiency with which nations convert the planet’s natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens.

Helping and Sharing in Costa Rica

by Rudy Matthews

Helping and Sharing in Costa RicaOur GoDutch Realty office prides itself regarding client care throughout your purchase and years beyond . All associates could share stories of clients they have helped and continue to help many years after the sale to those who move to Costa Rica .
Most clients evolve into our friends and we introduce them to others and they share e-mails - telephone and the networking has started . I remember a couple I sold a house in Costa Rica to - introduced them to other client friends and a few weeks later wanted to take them to dinner. They were booked with friends and social activities - had a hard time finding time for me.
The reason we do this is very simple. We help you whe nyou move to Costa Rica and one day it is your turn to help someone else who is new to Costa Rica . It works. Just think if the majority of the people in the world did this - help someone - what a great world we would live in .