Moving to Costa Rica

Is moving to Costa Rica with a dietary problem or a disability smart?

Is moving to Costa Rica with a dietary problem or a disability smart?Do you have any health problems? Are you afraid to move to Costa Rica because you have a dietary disease or because you are disabled? Let’s try to cover this important question for many who are not sure they can make this important step because of their disability or dietary problem.

Costa Rica can be a perfectly delightful retirement destination for everyone but it depends a lot on the location you choose moving to.

Especially If you have a disability or a need for special requirements, it is important you find out if your destination can accommodate your needs or not before you take the wrong decision of moving to Costa Rica.

In other words, you need to find out if Costa Rica fits or doesn’t fit your picture.

Moving offshore to Costa Rica will save the Americans

Moving offshore to Costa Rica will save the Americans

Moving money offshore is one thing, moving yourself and your family offshore is a whole different story. Costa Rica is not just a place to hide dirty money anymore.
It is also not that sunny place in paradise where train robbers hide and live a wealthy pool-side life with lots of rum ‘n coke’s until they get caught by Interpol. 

The local authorities might think you’re laundering money as soon as you deposit over $10K into your bank account. You can try hiding money, but if you get caught, you’ll be in trouble. Costa Rican jail is not a country club.

Now, with the new ad campaign by ICT that makes clear that moving offshore to Costa Rica is attractive and will save the Americans and not a place hide. Costa Rica is promoted by its governmental agencies as “Essential Costa Rica”. Marketing their location, biodiversity and nature is paying off.

The Costa Rican Bureau of Tourism (ICT) has a very successful campaign with the name “Save the Americans – Costa Rican Animals for Overworked Americans”. 

Before moving to Costa Rica – consider the people location

Before moving to Costa Rica – consider the people location Everybody knows that in buying a house, it is all about location. The physical location is most vital, but what about the “people location”?

If you are considering moving to Costa Rica, it is critical to plan. There are people who “stick a pin in a map, roll the dice” and hope for the best, however it is recommended that thought and planning goes into the decision. 

Consider the “people location”. It is difficult to understand the culture and subcultures of a town or neighborhood. As an expat, it is essential to take into consideration the people who you will be interacting with every day.

The principal given reason for moving to Costa Rica is “lower cost of living”, and that is true (with caveats).  In general, it seems that there are three very broad groups of expats. To be able to find the right people location for you and your spouse, belonging to one of those groups will help you adjust after moving to Costa Rica. 

12 Bugging reasons for not moving to Costa Rica

12 Bugging reasons for not moving to Costa RicaThanks again to Marian, our real estate agent in Atenas, and her almost famous tenant who has done us a favor by writing in a 7 page letter to his landlord why he should have never rented this Atenas home after moving to Costa Rica. His first complaints were about mangoes, then about the noise and now about the bugs. I have explained in another blog 2 years ago that if you are scared for bugs, Costa Rica is not for you as well as one that told us all about Mickey Mouse in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately Marian’s tenant did not read my recommendations. For that reason, today I am recommending not to move to Costa Rica if you cannot live in peace with the insects, unless you follow the instructions at the end of this article.

The house this client had rented was totally renovated by the owner recently, to be used as a vacation rental in Atenas. I am not inventing anything in this blog, I have taken over the text literally and changed the names only. These are literally the complaints from a real tenant to his landlord.

Should you trust people you meet in Costa Rica just because they speak your language?

Should you trust people you meet in Costa Rica just because they speak your language?At home, you grew up in a certain environment and you learned how to recognize the people you don’t want in your life and those you cannot trust. When you move to Costa Rica, it is like your first day in school, except that now you cannot call on your mom to help when you’re in trouble.

Now you are on you own, just you and your spouse (and sometimes the kids). You arrive in this huge world full of people you do not understand because they speak a different language and you don’t know who you can trust.

You might think you’re wise and know it all. Surprise! You don’t. Moving to another country with a different culture and another language is like starting all over again. You need to learn to look out for yourself and your family like you have never done before in life. This is a factor that is part of this adventure and it is part of the learning curve.

Making mistakes is ok!

Drinking habits coming up after retirement in Costa Rica?


 Drinking habits coming up after retirement in Costa Rica?“Hon, grab me another cold beer from the fridge, will you? God, its hot today and it’s making me thirsty”.  It is only 10:00 am and John is ready for his 2nd beer of the day. What else is there to do for John?  He will probably be drunk before lunch and fall asleep in his arm chair, while trying to find another game on TV. 

You’ll probably ask yourself “what wrong with this guy”? Well, nothing is wrong with John, he’s retired.

Most people who are getting ready for retirement, only dream about the day they’re going to be retired. The day they don’t have to go to work to that boring job they had for all those years. Now it’s time to do something different.

“Let’s move to Costa Rica honey, they say it’s beautiful and the sun shines all the time, and it never gets cold there. You know, we can travel the country, get to know places, and people and enjoy life. Man, just the idea of not having to do anything all day long”.

Should you worry about cockroaches in Costa Rica?


Should you worry about cockroaches in Costa Rica?When I moved to Costa Rica  a while ago, the last thing that came to my mind were cockroaches in my house. The first cockroach I met in Costa Rica was in my house in the Santa Ana mountains and the animal was huuuuge. I’m not so crazy about insects, but they really don’t bother me much, unless the bite me. That’s when I fight back. 

Some of my readers hate it when I write about topics like cockroaches, but if you want to live in Costa Rica, you either have to get used to them or find a way of getting rid of them. So apologize for the topic, but here we go.

I had never thought cockroaches did exist that large as my hand. But in Costa Rica, you have many types of cockroaches and they each need a different type of fumigation if you have them in your house. 

Our last tenant left our rental apartment full of cockroaches and they’ve been almost impossible to kill. It seems she brought the eggs with her when she moved from another building. Only by fumigating over and over again can you get rid of them and we’re still at it, many months later. These cockroaches are what they call the German cockroach and they’re VERY difficult to get rid of.

Do your eyes see a different Costa Rica than your spouse does?


Do your eyes see a different Costa Rica than your spouse does? As we all know, men and women see things differently, though they’re both looking at the same thing. It’s one of those things that make a marriage interesting! But when you live in Costa Rica or when you are planning to do so in the future, those differences can become serious matter for unhappiness and even for divorce. 

If you have been married for many years, you usually know each other well, weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes. While doing your due diligence for moving to Costa Rica, are you both seeing the same attractions, the same advantages and the same disadvantages of moving to another country and another culture? You probably don’t, even though you’re convinced you are and that is what today’s blog is all about.

In Costa Rica, in case you didn’t know, the locals speak Spanish, have a Latin American culture and think very different from what you are used to. Where things have logic in their minds, they might not have any logic to you at all. While you would resolve a problem one way, they might resolve the same problem a completely different way. Who said your way is the correct one? 

The solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices

The solution to Costa Rica’s high product pricesOn April 8, 2015 the Costa Rica News published a real interesting article titled “The real reason behind Costa Rica’s high product prices”, about the fact that Costarican produced products are cheaper in neighboring countries than in Costa Rica itself, even though there is a high cost of transport. 

This article explains that commercial protectionism of certain Costarican industries, high import tax on foreign products, mostly giants like Dos Pinos (milk products) and Pipasa (chicken and meat products, fresh and frozen) make it possible to charge a much higher price for their products in Costa Rica and export cheaper to neighboring countries.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Costa Rica has become more expensive than it was a couple of years ago. Nobody moves to Costa Rica anymore because it’s so cheap to live here, there are other countries that offer a much lower cost of living. Costa Rica offers many other advantages, about which I’ve written plenty of blogs. BUT, there are ways to save a lot of money that you might not realize, which I’d like to do today, give you a solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices. 

Prohibition during Easter week in Costa Rica


Prohibition during Easter week in Costa RicaThe United States had Prohibition from 1920 – 1933, promoted by a "dry" crusaders movement and led by rural Protestants and social Progressives in the Democratic and Republican parties.

82 Years later, 26 municipalities in Costa Rica still prohibit the sale of liquor in bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and  liquor stores during Thursday and Friday (2nd and 3rd of April 2015) in Easter week. The local police will make sure the liquor department in the grocery stores will be covered and taped off with plastic or some other smart way to stop you from buying it (as shown in photo at the end of this blog) and there will be no beer or other liquor expended anywhere. (Administrative court has ruled against the ban in August 2016 - Editor)

Of course, that doesn’t mean you will not see anybody drinking during those days. Those who live in those municipalities prohibiting the sale of liquor during Holy Thursday and Friday will make sure they purchase their rum, whiskey and beer on Wednesday. It is the unsuspecting foreigner who will be in trouble when they run out of their favorite alcoholic drink.