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8 Important things to do before moving into your new home

8 Important things to do before moving into your new home

Closing date is coming up and there is so much to do before moving into your new home. Getting nervous already? Don’t! Use this checklist to make it easier on yourself. We do this all the time and you don’t. There are so many things you need to do before moving and you might forget […]

6 important financial decisions before moving to Costa Rica

by guest blogger Ticonuevo I can’t over emphasize how much potential difficulty and inconvenience you can avoid once you move to Costa Rica if you’ve attended to your financial details with a customized, flexible transaction plan. You will need ready access to your assets. Having money trouble in a foreign country is not a very […]

Get your financial act together before moving to Costa Rica

by guest blogger TicoNuevo Back home, before I tackled the financial flowchart, we were dealing with a number of banks, and credit card and financial institutions; some of whom we felt either we would not need, whose fees would be too expensive to use when moving to Costa Rica or would not be easy to […]

Change is in the wind for Costa Rica residency

by guest blogger Ticonuevo As of this writing, there have been several changes in Costa Rican policy and law that affect the financial wellbeing of long-term visitors, including those applying for one of the three immigrant resident categories. The changes happened just before our arrival and we were not informed of them until the first […]

Costa Rica escrow and real estate closing

by Ivo Henfling Why run the risk of losing your money! You want to purchase Costa Rica property and you have your money still in your own country. Your GoDutch Realty agent has found you the right property and your offer has been accepted by the seller. Congratulations, you are on the way of acquiring […]

What a seller in Costa Rica should do to prepare for a buyer needing a bank mortgage

by Ivo Henfling You are selling your Costa Rica property and your buyer needs financing from a local bank. If your real estate agent is the only agent involved, it will make it for both buyer and seller much easier to deal with as the bank’s loan officers need a constant reminder to keep working […]