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Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia

Free Que Pasa Website Serving Grecia and Sarchi Communities

Que Pasa, the free-membership Grecia & Sarchi community information website started in 2014. This incredibly informative website serves the English-speaking residents and ex-pats who plan to live  Grecia and Sarchi. Debi Gedling, former Que Pasa editor, and co-founder said: “We felt that as a no-cost community information website serving English-speaking residents of greater Grecia and […]

Pablo’s decision making process to purchase Atenas property

I’d like to tell you about the decision making process before we purchased an Atenas property. Walt Disney said that “dreams really do come true.”  Now we believe it – or at least we are starting to. Ten years ago, Katya and I first visited Costa Rica.  We stayed on the Nosara peninsula, visited Arenal, […]

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why must MacGyvering be used in Costa Rica quite often? In this blog, I’d like to recount an experience I had recently that is indicative of the way you’ll find product availability in this country. Learn more about MacGyver in Costa Rica now. My story is about buying lumber. It is not particularly important taken […]