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Looking for a medical specialist in Costa Rica

While we’re here in Costa Rica still waiting for our “cedulas de residencia” as “pensionados,” we’ve kept our MediCare in the States in force in case there is a real medical necessity. If something major required a return to our old home State, we would be covered. In addition, my wife’s and my MediCare supplemental […]

Our completed home improvement project finished the Tico way

                                                                                                                                       by guest blogger TicoNuevo So, we’ve completed 98% of our improvement projects on our house and finished the business with my contractor and amigo, but this is where both amazement and disappointment raise their ugly heads. Up to this point, the contractor and Ticonuevo are treating each other like brothers. “You are the best […]

The result of the remodel of our Costa Rica home

                                                                                                                                      by guest blogger TicoNuevo We bought our new property in Costa Rica at a price that allowed us to afford all of the things we wanted to change, add, delete, or improve. In retrospect, we spent about 75% over our purchase price to do all we originally planned plus a lot more. This 75% […]

When you have a car accident in Costa Rica, easy but time consuming

by guest blogger Paula Kat-Friedman Car accidents are never fun nor are they ever convenient.  One Saturday a couple of months ago my husband was driving through Barrio Mexico, going to a Little Theatre Group rehearsal.  He stopped at a stop sign as required and was thinking about whether he should go straight or turn […]