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8 Smart steps to buy a new construction home in Costa Rica

8 Smart steps to buy a new construction home in Costa Rica

You’re looking at this incredibly well designed promotion material of a new construction home by a builder. You instantly fall in love with what you see. This is the place you want to spend the rest of your life or your vacations. This new construction home looks just what you need. Your first meeting with […]

Costa Rican Construction Standards

Many expats who are considering buying a house in Costa Rica ask “What are the Local Construction Standards?” Are the standard building materials and installation methods that the majority of the people who grew up in Costa Rica are accustomed to the same as yours?  If you have not spent much time in Costa Rica, […]

4 Top Design Elements of Portable Buildings

DANIEL CLARK The increasing demand for secure and, budget-friendly housing units has led many people turn towards modular buildings. It is totally a new concept in the construction industry. These structures are manufactured in a closed unit and delivered to customers in the form of a modular building. The best part of these buildings is […]

The Costa Rica Asada Saga

PABLO R. My wife, Katya, and I speak some Spanish (though probably not enough). Still, we thought we knew the word “asada.”  It meant “roasted” and frequently modified “carne” or, in a masculine form, “pollo.”  Who knew that “asada” also means “local water administration?”  Well, now we do, and therein hangs a tale. Here it […]

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why must MacGyvering be used in Costa Rica quite often? In this blog, I’d like to recount an experience I had recently that is indicative of the way you’ll find product availability in this country. My story is about buying lumber. It is not particularly important taken at its face. But it exemplifies why “MacGyvering” […]