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Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why is MacGyvering a must in Costa Rica?

Why must MacGyvering be used in Costa Rica quite often? In this blog, I’d like to recount an experience I had recently that is indicative of the way you’ll find product availability in this country. My story is about buying lumber. It is not particularly important taken at its face. But it exemplifies why “MacGyvering” […]

Our completed home improvement project finished the Tico way

                                                                                                                                       by guest blogger TicoNuevo So, we’ve completed 98% of our improvement projects on our house and finished the business with my contractor and amigo, but this is where both amazement and disappointment raise their ugly heads. Up to this point, the contractor and Ticonuevo are treating each other like brothers. “You are the best […]

The result of the remodel of our Costa Rica home

                                                                                                                                      by guest blogger TicoNuevo We bought our new property in Costa Rica at a price that allowed us to afford all of the things we wanted to change, add, delete, or improve. In retrospect, we spent about 75% over our purchase price to do all we originally planned plus a lot more. This 75% […]

The move into our home that is under reconstruction

by guest blogger TicoNuevo I’m not trying use my blog as a pulpit. So, I’ll try my best not to get too preachy here, but I’ve been meaning to say this for some time. In my last blog contribution, I mentioned my approach to interacting with our construction crew. My actions were not intended as […]

Picking the best contractor quote and House Hunters International

by guest blogger TicoNuevo Selecting the right contractor is never an easy task, but for us it was a very simple process of selection by default. I was always dubious regarding Builder #1’s enthusiasm about getting us a re-quote despite their agreement to do so. So, I wasn’t totally surprised or overly disappointed when none […]

TicoNuevos home purchase-improvement pickle

by guest blogger TicoNuevo Two things happened at about the same time. Actually, it’s more accurate to say, our escrow closing HAPPENED, but now having an acceptable contractor ready and lined up to make the known necessary repairs and home improvements required to make House #3 an acceptable residence HADN’T HAPPENED. Brooke Bishop, one of […]

Costa Rica Home purchase advice and home inspection

by guest blogger TicoNuevo I got out pen and paper and made a list of repair, improvement and addition projects that, in our minds, would elevate House #3 to “dream home” status and I put my best estimate of a cost beside each item. However, I had no idea of local construction costs and had […]