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Shall we make an offer on this home in Costa Rica?

by guest blogger TicoNuevo It was on our first day of searching for a Costarican home that we found an interesting one. There were more than a few red flags waving in front of our making an offer on House #3. While the house was only five years old, it had only had full-time residents […]

Fog protection solution for your property in Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling What if a burglar could not see anything, and could therefore not steal anything? Once in a while, like almost every day, we see on the news or read in the local papers that another burglary has happened. I hear the same happens in Ecuador and almost every country that is on […]

Real estate Escazu and zoning

by Ivo Henfling I remember the times we had cows and horses in the streets of Escazu and you could build anything in real estate in Escazu you felt like and those are long gone now. There were no controls, building permits were not important and zoning did not exist. The 4 year Costa Rica […]

Sexy condos and your ultimate costa rica real estate experience

Sexy condos and your ultimate costa rica real estate experience

Costa Rican coffee and sexy condos in Costa Rica have a lot in common. They can both give you the ultimate experience. Both are for gourmets, connoisseurs, those who have higher standards than average. I remember very well my first cup of coffee in Costa Rica, it was totally horrible. Café con leche in Spanish, coffee […]

Pre-construction changes when you buy from a Costa Rica real estate developer

by Rudy Matthews Shell Johanson, a fellow associate recently wrote a great article about remodeling in Costa Rica and renovation. Shell made a point that remodeling is many times more difficult than building new construction and I totally agree. I have done both and once you start remodeling the problem is you find more to be […]