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The solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices

The solution to Costa Rica’s high product prices

Costa Rica News published The real reason behind Costa Rica’s high product prices on April 8, 2015. A really interesting article about the fact that Costa Rican produced products are cheaper in neighboring countries than in Costa Rica itself. Even though there is a high cost of transport. This article explains that commercial protectionism of certain […]

Low cost skilled labor makes it affordable in Costa Rica

Low cost skilled labor makes it affordable in Costa Rica

In this blog, I will cover some specific examples of low costa skilled labor that make making things and repairs very affordable in Costa Rica. Pretty much every inexpensive good or service mentioned in this blog is a result of low-cost labor. In the States, we always wished that we could afford a housekeeper. We […]

Organize your plan of action before moving

Organize your Moving Plan – The Devil is in the Details

I recommend everyone to create a moving plan. Everything you read online might be inaccurate.  That is why it is vital for you to stay on top of your moving plan; because I can tell you from recent first-hand experience about requirements, policies and laws nonetheless their enforcement is all subject to change. Organizing a moving […]

Inexpensive Dining in Costa Rica

Dining in Costa Rica While Keeping an Eye on Expenses

Today, I’d like to cover dining in Costa Rica, as well as the cost of it. While the country isn’t renowned for its own cuisine, you will find a multitude of international restaurants. Additionally, there are well-known restaurant chains. In case you yearn for a taste of home. Although, then why bother coming to Costa […]

Costa Rica – Open Markets and Mom – Pop Stores

I remember when I was a youngster (long time ago) and my grandfather would take me to the corner store and buy me a coke and candy. I thought it was the greatest. Those stores in the states were usually family owned and there was a feel of community.   Clothes, hardware, restaurants and grocery stores all gave […]