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What makes Escazu so Unique in Costa Rica?

You know what makes Escazu unique? Living in Escazu is different than it is elsewhere in Costa Rica, anywhere really.  Don’t try driving around in Escazu during Christmas time just for the fun of it; you’re going to go crazy. I know all the shortcuts, but they’re all gone, shortcuts don’t exist anymore. Traffic is hell, don’t […]

Property for sale around the Cariari Golf and Country Club offer an exciting lifestyle

IVO HENFLING | MAY 25, 2014 The Cariari Golf and Country Club is Costa Rica’s premier and in the most beautifully designed master planned community in the Central Valley that features the perfect location right between the cities of San José, Heredia and Alajuela.  Ciudad Cariari, a lifestyle community, or commonly called just Cariari, is […]

Meet your Marijuana friendly Real Estate Broker in Costa Rica

I saw this article about Denver residential real estate agent Bob Costello who launched a Marijuana-friendly advertising campaign in January this year when the state of Colorado legalized Marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 and over. Great idea! I have never smoked pot in my life myself because I come from a family of […]

Culture bumps are normal when moving to any foreign country

by Ivo Henfling Recently, we have been publishing blogs by expats TicoNuevo and FloridaTico that our readers seem to like. Why do readers like them? Because they tell you the truth! Because they don’t only tell you about all the great things that Costa Rica offers but also about all these culture bumps they hit […]

Due diligence before you purchase property in Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling It’s funny how some people see something totally different than others, while looking at the same thing. The perception of each person can be so different for many reasons, especially when looking at property in Costa Rica, an environment that is totally different than the one you are accustomed to. I never […]

I found Yoga in Costa Rica at 51 years old

by Corinne Aulakh I am a fan of Ivo’s blog and especially enjoyed the recent submission, Suggestions on what to do with your free time in Costa Rica by guest blogger, TicoNuevo.  Humbly, I would like to add to his many valuable recommendations and suggest using this extra free time to find, develop, and enhance […]

Yoga in Costa Rica in Harmony with Horses

by guest blogger Corinne Aulakh A week-long retreat, all inclusive adventure that explores the union between rider and horse. I am often asked, with a lot of skepticism, why yoga and horses? Where is the connection?  My standard answer is; I have experienced the similarities between riding and a yoga practice.  The same stillness and […]