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What does Pa’l Tigre mean in Costa Rica

What does Pa’l Tigre mean in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans use animals quite a bit in their expressions. The tiger is one of them. Pa’l Tigre means not feeling well, feeling sick or not having done well. Estoy pa’l tigre = I feel terrible. Something that is not usable anymore, out of order, esta “pa’l tigre”. Esta máquina esta pa’l tigre. Me fue […]

What is Que Chapa in Costa Rica?

The use of slang in Tico Spanish is just as common as it is in any other language. Que chapa is one of those often used words in Tico slang. It would be helpful for you to understand why someone might call you a chapa. Or maybe when someone is a collector of chapas? What […]

What is manda huevo in Costa Rica?

The translation of huevo in English is egg, but manda huevo is something totally different. When you move to Costa Rica, you will want to communicate with your local neighbors.  In their own language of course, not in yours. They speak Spanish. Spanish is a real easy language to learn, if you make an effort. […]

What is parado de uñas in Costa Rica

If you really want to go native when living in Costa Rica, you should learn the typical Tico slang or Tiquismo that is used by the locals. In other blogs, I have told you about Chunches, Upe and some others. Today’s turn is for “estar parado de uñas”. What is parado de uñas in Costa Rica? […]

Why treating Ticos like shit is not right

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t use bad language and I apologize for the French. But with a title like “why treating Ticos like shit”, I knew I would get your attention. And indeed treating Ticos like shit is not right. Why not? Well, everything you do when you live in Costa Rica, should be like any good […]

What is Upe in Costa Rica?

Everyone in Costa Rica knows what upe is. Or uuuuupeeeeeee, when you yell it. If you don’t say upe loud enough, nobody will hear you and they won’t come to the door. Do you want to know what Upe in Costa Rica is? Alf Giebler, in his book “A lo Tico”, says that is means […]

20 Genius household hacks that work in Costa Rica

My blogs are meant to make things easier for you when you live in Costa Rica. That’s why this time I have tried to find 5,555 genius household hacks that should work in Costa Rica. I decided to start with only 20 of them and leave a few for some other day. I have told […]