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How do I experience Christmas in Costa Rica

How do I experience Christmas in Costa Rica

Christmas in Costa Rica is quite different from what I was used to. Where I was born and raised, December is pretty cold. I’m from Haarlem, a city almost right on the North Sea, close to Amsterdam. Christmas in Haarlem, when I grew up, was generally under 32ºF and we could skate the famous canals […]

Costa Rica Nature and Music mixed by extraordinary musician Manuel Obregon

by Ivo Henfling Many of you might remember Catalina, who was my assistant for quite some time. When I hired Catalina, I didn’t know that she is Manuel Obregón’s sister. Manuel is one of Costa Rica’s most talented musicians and Laura Chinchilla’s government’s Minister of Culture and Art. Manuel Obregón is a verty talented artist […]

The benefits of living in Atenas

The benefits of living in Atenas

My family and I relocated to Atenas in 2003 and have enjoyed the benefits of living in Atenas tremendously. We moved from Colorado, USA. We were not yet ready to retire and have been very happy since. Many of our clients, when searching for the right place to live, ask me “why Atenas and not […]

Soon no more frustrated clients of Costa Rica services?

You and I are probably both frustrated most of the time with the services some larger corporations give, like banks and the utility companies in Costa Rica and in many other parts of the world. Globalization and the large corporations are taking over. Therefore the client friendly smaller companies and mom and pop businesses cannot […]

Los Suenos Resort and Jaco Beach are great options to have a good time

by Rudy Matthews This past Thanksgiving I went to Jaco Beach with my son, sister and niece. My sister and niece were visiting from Florida and their two favorite places here in Costa Rica are the hot springs and spending time at the beach. Playas de Jaco is located on the Central Pacific Coast, between […]

The advantages of residing in Escazu

The benefits of living in Escazu

There are lots of benefits to living in Escazu. and depending on the lifestyle you are looking for, these benefits might fit you and your family’s view of what moving to Costa Rica should offer to you or not. I have lived in Escazu since 1985. When I first moved here, I remember stopping at the […]

10 Reasons to hire a realtor when you purchase Costa Rica real estate

10 Reasons to hire a realtor when you purchase Costa Rica real estate

Some buyers look to buy a property in Costa Rica and don’t want to hire a realtor. They prefer to purchase FSBO for a reason, which is very understandable, but a mistake. First of all, it’s important to know that the word REALTOR®, is a registered trademark. Very few real estate agents can call themselves […]