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Why does Costa Rica not have a good real estate MLS?

by Ivo Henfling Costa Rica has never really had a good MLS system and that is mainly because the two Costa Rica real estate boards have not organized themselves enough to make it happen. And most real estate agents in Costa Rica prefer 50% commission of nothing instead of working together. This makes it harder […]

Pre-construction changes when you buy from a Costa Rica real estate developer

by Rudy Matthews Shell Johanson, a fellow associate recently wrote a great article about remodeling in Costa Rica and renovation. Shell made a point that remodeling is many times more difficult than building new construction and I totally agree. I have done both and once you start remodeling the problem is you find more to be […]

Why purchase Costa Rica real estate with the help of a real estate agent

by Ivo Henfling To purchase Costa Rica real estate you should ask a professional and responsible real estate agent to help you with. You will be moving to another country with a different culture than your own where they speak a language you don’t understand. Do NOT try to save yourself the 5% real estate […]

The nicest Costa Rica real estate closing of my life 1

by Ivo Henfling I just went through the nicest Costa Rica real estate closing of my life, even though it was probably one of the most difficult ones too. I have had some real nice closings but I’ve also had some real impossible ones. Well, we went through practically every obstacle that anyone could ever […]