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What a seller in Costa Rica should do to prepare for a buyer needing a bank mortgage

by Ivo Henfling You are selling your Costa Rica property and your buyer needs financing from a local bank. If your real estate agent is the only agent involved, it will make it for both buyer and seller much easier to deal with as the bank’s loan officers need a constant reminder to keep working […]

Why does Costa Rica not have a good real estate MLS?

Why does Costa Rica not have a good real estate MLS?

Costa Rica has never really had a good real estate MLS system.  The main reason is that the two Costa Rica real estate boards are very disorganized. Besides, most real estate agents in Costa Rica prefer 50% commission of nothing instead of working together. This makes it harder for a buyer to find the right […]

Pre-construction changes when you buy from a Costa Rica real estate developer

by Rudy Matthews Shell Johanson, a fellow associate recently wrote a great article about remodeling in Costa Rica and renovation. Shell made a point that remodeling is many times more difficult than building new construction and I totally agree. I have done both and once you start remodeling the problem is you find more to be […]