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Costa Rica blogs by expats who have retired in Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling
Arrival in Costa Rica for retirementI decided to create a blog page so you can easily find great blogs about moving to Costa Rica and retire in Costa Rica written by people who are going through the experience of becoming and being an expat in Costa Rica.
Just last week, at a party, I heard newcomers say that there is so much information around now, they don’t know which one is right and which one is wrong.

Nothing in life is perfect and moving to Costa Rica won’t make it perfect either unless you work really hard at it. Doing your due diligence and reading about mistakes others have made will make you less a possible victim to the same mistakes. Not only are my own blogs full of information, real stories and up to date information, I’d like to share these real interesting blogs from people who write them to be shared.

My Blogs are not only meant to advertise Costa Rica real estate but also to try to inform you about hundreds of topics that will interest you if you are one of those doing your diligence to see if Costa Rica is the right country for you or not. Promoting the blogs below is part of that task.

Pseudotico is a US expat who retired in Costa Rica

Antoinette Kelley moved to Alajuela with her family in December 2011 and started her blog about her experiences soon after that. Antoinette has great solutions for difficult and less difficult problems and her blog is very informative. Check out Pseudotico, not quite a Costarican 

A babyboomer in Costa Rica
Carole and her husband Don are baby boomers and retired in Atenas, Roca Verde to be exact. I want to share with you Carole’s blog because I know most of you will enjoy her short stories. They tell what living in Costa Rica is all about. Carole’s stories are fun to read.
Go to Just Costa Rica
Jim Just, now living in Cajon de Grecia, keeps a great blog starting when he and his wife Irina rented first while looking for the house of their dreams with GoDutch agent Brooke Bishop. Check it out, you’ll love the way Jim writes his blogs and adds great pictures for better visuals in Just Costa Rica, living the pura vida
Two sisters who retired to Costa Rica
Two sisters, Judy and Roxi, moved to Atenas in July 2012 and started a blog about moving to Atenas, Living in Atenas and all the ups and downs people who move to Costa Rica go through. Check out their blog Sisters in Transition.
Happier than a Billionair is a great story if you are fed up with the rat race
Nadine Hays Pisani started with “Happier than a Billionaire” and now continues the journey with “The Sequel”. Try her blogs that started in October 2010 Quitting my job and Living in Costa RicaIf you like what you see, buy her books.
What is life all about in the Central valley?
Scriblegal writes about  what rivets, motivates, annoys, horrifies or thrills her. Perhaps something in the here and now, like life in the Central Valley of Costa Rica; special meals she cooks; what’s happening in the garden, with her grandchildren, or the planet. Check out Scriblegal
retiring soon too? or turning sixty....
Mark van Patten says “When I turned sixty, I thought I had patience. Turns out I just don’t give a shit. Going 60 Mph in the left lane with my left turn signal on. Deal with it”. I enjoy his sense of humor in his blog Going Like Sixty, I hope you will too.
You can easily follow all the above blogs by clicking their “follow” button. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me with them.
Please feel free to leave your comments on this blog.
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