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Pre-construction changes when you buy from a Costa Rica real estate developer

by Rudy Matthews

Pre-construction in Costa RicaShell Johanson, a fellow associate recently wrote a great article about remodeling in Costa Rica and renovation. Shell made a point that remodeling is many times more difficult than building new construction and I totally agree.

I have done both and once you start remodeling the problem is you find more to be done than what you thought originally. Tile replacement, cabinets etc. are basic cosmetic items but once you start tearing down walls and find you need to replace wiring, plumbing etc. then the journey begins.

A suggestion I have and it has worked for me in Costa Rica and for clients is when buying pre – construction really spend time in the model and look for changes you can make that will make the home work for you.

Making changes before construction is the way to go. I have never been great with floor plans but I can spend time in a model home and really figure out some positive changes. Sometimes just doing away with a wall that does not serve a purpose can open up the entire room for more space and comfort.Many Costa Rica developers do not finish what they start

Extending a home back can give more bedroom space and patio area. Working with the engineer to make changes happen is important to make sure what you want can be done. Sometimes changes can be done easily and other times because of construction the changes cannot be made.

I have always maintained that architects are great designers but sometimes lack in the actual building logic. Have you ever walked into a Costa Rica home and questioned “why did they do that or what is that” it happens. Everyone has preferences concerning their lifestyle inside the house and to get those little comfort items you want is worth it. Changes, of course, take money depending on what you want.

The cost of the purchase is much better up front rather than in the middle of construction. If you find a house you like but want to remodel – so be it and follow the tips presented by Shell. If you find a great pre construction floor plan and want a few changes then do it. 

By Rudy Matthews, our Costa Rica home specialist. If you want to purchase new construction or pre-construction, make sure you contact Rudy as a buyer’s agent, he can walk you perfectly well through the difficulties of buying a home for sale or condo in Costa Rica from a Costa Rica developer.

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