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61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff

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61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff

Single people often need to be a member of clubs in Costa Rica to stay entertained. Couples have each other but often have nothing in common. So they still need to be a member of clubs to have a good time. (last updated on 7/26/2019 – we now have 75 clubs here)

Many expats do not take the time and make the effort to learn Spanish. Therefore, there is a need to be a member of English spoken clubs in Costa Rica. Well, there are not that many.

I bet there are not many Dutch spoken clubs in Seatle, most are in English spoken. Well, in Costa Rica it’s much like it, most clubs are in Spanish. But that should not be the only reason for you wanting to learn the local language.

An expat who spent 2 months in Costa Rica to see if she liked it or not wrote: “I did not find activities such as reading clubs, dance clubs, card clubs, theater clubs, wine clubs, etc.”

I’m terribly sorry to say but this lady didn’t do her homework or try hard to find people with the same interests as hers. The poor woman was totally lost. I found 61 clubs in Costa Rica, so I decided to write this blog.

Of course, I hope that, instead, you will hire us as your real estate agents.

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff

The language

Is the language a problem for you? Of course, there are clubs that you don’t even need to talk to anyone, even though you want to be nice to people. You can also pick up some nice ideas on Facebook. There you can find people with similar hobbies and interests and even ask if there is a club you can become a member of.

I’ll give you the options to choose for English and Spanish-spoken clubs in Costa Rica. That way, you can get started and move over as soon as you get the hang of communicating in Spanish. Some of these are just Facebook groups, but there you can ask around for a club, or start one yourself.


I have not included the golf courses in this list of clubs. That’s because some golf courses belong to a club (see Country Clubs below) and others don’t. Anyway, here you can see all your options for golf in Costa Rica.


I am not a gambler myself, but there are a few casinos in the Central Valley. For those who hate to go out and prefer to gamble at home, try slot machines such as and casinos such as is great entertainment.


If you miss the traditions of your home country, you should also read this blog. When meeting Ticos for the first time, don’t let them scare you with their kissing.

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff
Photo from: The Little Theater Group

Nature & travel

Many expats move to Costa Rica for nature, the beaches, the volcanos, and birdlife but get bored after a while. If you are one of those, check out the following 61 clubs in Costa Rica:

English spoken clubs

1.       Meet Up – see if you find a group of your interest or start a new one

2.       Hash House Harriers – Run and socialize afterward

3.       The Little Theater Group

4.       Darts

5.       Gardening – Gringo Gardeners in Costa Rica

6.       Paint Club Tamarindo – Playas del Coco

7.       Amigos of Costa Rica – Contributing to the well-being of Costa Rica by connecting donors’ values and resources with vetted non-profit solutions

8.       Stand Up Paddle Club

9.       Sailing Club

10.   Shooting Range San José

11.   Costa Rica Writers Group

12.   Atenas Bridge Club 

13.   San Jose Bridge Club

14.   Winners Poker Room

Birding Clubs

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff
Photo from: BirdwatchinginCostaRica

15.   Birding Club Costa Rica also have their own Facebook page

16.   Bird Watching Costa Rica

17.   San Vito Bird Club

18.   Birdwatching Costa Rica

19.   Birdwatching Costa Rica Perez Zeledon

20.   CostaRicaBirdwatching La Fortuna 

Women’s clubs

21.   Women’s Club of Costa Rica and their Facebook page

22.   Blooms Ladies Club

23.   Newcomer’s Club of Costa Rica

24.   Book Club Cariari

25.   Book Club Santa Ana

Animal protection clubs & organizations

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff

26.   Domestic Animal Welfare Group Costa Ballena

27.   Animal Shelter Costa Rica

28.   Rainforest Biodiversity Group

29.   Sasy Costa Rica

30.   Refugio de Animales San Rafael de Heredia

31.   Territorio de Zaguates

Community & Social Assistance

32.   Rotary Club Costa Rica

33.   Lions Club (Club de Leones) Costa Rica

Community clubs

34.   British community

35.   Canadian Club

36.   German Club

37.   Dutch Business Club

38.   Internations

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff
Photo from: Paint Club Tamarindo – Playas del Coco

Country Clubs

39.  Costa Rica Country Club

40.  Cariari Country Club

41.  San José Indoor Club

42.  Club Campestre Los Reyes

43.  El Castillo Country Club

44.  Costa Rica Tennis Club

45.  Santa Ana Country Club

Spanish spoken clubs

61 Clubs in Costa Rica for when you are bored stiff
Photo from: Backgammon club

46.   Ahuyama Crochet

47.   Knitting

48.   Book Club Escazu (Spanish)

49.   Backgammon

50.   Painting drinks art class

51.   Swinger club Costa Rica

52.   Costa Rica Yacht Club

53.   Smash Tennis Center Grecia

54.   Aikido Club

55.   Foto Club Costa Rica

56.   Flickr Photography Club

57.   Chess Club (Federation)

58.   Cigar Lounge

59.   Frisbee Club

60.   Shooting Range San Isidro del General

61.   Book Club

Satisfied with what you’ve just seen? Then Costa Rica might be that next home away from home that you’re looking for.

I invite you if you know of any other clubs not mentioned here, to send me a note.

Contact us for all your real estate needs.

More Clubs

See additional clubs suggested by readers:

62. Community Action Alliance (CAA) of San Ramon

63. Club Campestre Español, Belen

64. Kayak Fishing Costa Rica – contact Luis if you’re English spoken.

65. Asociacion Suiza de Costa Rica – or Facebook

66. Costa Rica AA – Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Rica – English spoken

67. American Legion Post 10 – Escazú

68. American Legion Post 12-Golfito – Contact Pat O’Connell at or 8919-8947, or Mel Goldberg at 8870-6756.

69. American Legion Auxiliary – meets the second Saturday of each month, at 1300 hours in Moravia. Contact Doris Murillo 2240-2947.

70. Costa Ballena Women’s Network – the monthly meetings provide great information on local businesses and local-area color.

71. Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica – Women in business, with a passion they want to fulfill, networking, connection, education from highly qualified speakers, delicious food and making new friends.

72. Marine Corps League – Meets the 2nd Saturday of the month at 11 a.m. at the Tap House at City Place in Santa Ana. For information call Andy Pucek at 8721 6636 or email

73. Radio Control Sailing Club – Meets at Sabana Park Lake. For information write Walter Bibb at

74. Wine Club of Costa Rica – usually meets at 1 p.m. on the last Sunday of each month. For information on upcoming events please contact

75. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Open to men too. Meetings in English in Heredia, Spanish in San Jose, and English/Spanish in San Ramon. They work on peace and human rights issues. Call Mitzi, 2433-7078 or write at

76. Pickleball – English, and Spanish spoken.

77. Badminton – Contact the Badminton Association of Costa Rica for more information.

The grammar of the Spanish version of this blog was checked and corrected by Wagner Freer of Spanish School for Residents and Expats. We strongly recommend this language school as your best choice to learn Spanish, click here to contact them. 

Spanish School for Residents and Expats

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