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Meet your Marijuana friendly Real Estate Broker in Costa Rica

I saw this article about Denver residential real estate agent Bob Costello who launched a Marijuana-friendly advertising campaign in January this year when the state of Colorado legalized Marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 and over. Great idea!

I have never smoked pot in my life myself because I come from a family of fervent cigarette smokers and when my school friends back in Holland would get stoned on pot, I would have a cigarette and a beer. I never felt the need to getting stoned on anything.

Anybody reading this blog might think that all GoDutch Realty agents agree with what I will say in the following sentences. Well, I don’t know, they have their own opinions and they can write their own blogs here. This blog is called Ivo’s blog because this is my way of seeing things, my opinion and some say I’m opinionated. But that’s what you want if you want a real good Costa Rica real estate agent to represent you, in my opinion. If you’re not interested in issues like Marijuana and you don’t agree with my opinion and can’t live with it, we have lots of great Costa Rica property for sale on our website that you can look at instead of reading this blog.

If you’re looking to buy pot when visiting Costa Rica don’t call or email me. Ask a taxi driver to connect you with a drug dealer.

Should I be against the use of Marijuana and other drugs? I’m not religious, but I think everyone should be free to have their own religion, no matter how crazy it is. I’m not gay, I’m straight, but I’m all for gay marriage. I’m not black, I’m white, so should I be against black, red and green? To my opinion we should leave others in their own values, no matter if we agree with it or not. So there is your answer to that question.

I DO believe in medcinal use of marijuana. I certainly hope they will soon legalize marijuana in Costa Rica for medical use soon. If you ask why, check this video.

I think it’s awesome that Colorado legalized pot for recreational use

Lots of gringos in Costa Rica smoke pot

But I’m losing track now, today’s topic is Marijuana in Costa Rica. I think it’s awesome that Colorado legalized pot for recreational use, something they wouldn’t put you in jail for in my home country when I was a kid. I’ve seen some junkies in my time but with this new Amendment it’s not like that you’ll soon see the whole state of Colorado walk around like zombies. The Dutch legalized the recreational use of Marijuana for Dutch, German and Belgian citizens inside the famous coffeeshops since 1998. That way, the government charges taxes on soft drugs like they do on liquor and tabacco and you’ll be rid of most of the problem we have nowadays. Colorado is taking the first step so the rest of the United States of America can follow.

A good choice of hash, Marijuana and pre-rolled joints

Costa Rica does NOT have any coffee shops like you find in Europe

In Costa Rica, we have a place that is called Montefuma by the locals. Monte means weed and fuma means smoke. You can find Montefuma on the map in this blog (click on the map to make it larger) and it’s legally called Montezuma. We have an affiliate realtor in that area, so if you are up for buying property there and have some fun, contact me now.

Click on Costa Rica map to see the exact location of Montezuma Beach

Click on the map to make it larger and see where Montefuma is located

No matter where you live in Costa Rica, on the beaches or in the cities, you can buy pot everywhere. We don’t have coffee shops where you can buy it legally like in Holland, but my nephews tell me you can buy it everywhere in Costa Rica and they know. I understand that you won’t get arrested if they find you with a couple of ounces of pot, as long as it is for your own recreational use as long as you don’t try to take any through customs.  Colorado’s Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana for recreational use, also allows homeowners to grow up to six pot plants for personal use. We’re not quite there yet in Costa Rica, so don’t try to fill your garage with a hydroponic marijuana farm, for sure you’ll get arrested and you might get 8 – 15 years in a beautiful Costarican jail.

When will you be able to grow Marijuana in your back yard in Costa Rica? Who knows....

Do not try to grow marijuana in Costa Rica like this, you will run into legal trouble

Now you all know where I (Ivo) stand on the marijuana issue and feel free to smoke all the pot you want in the new home in Costa Rica that you can buy through me, your Marijuana friendly real estate broker in Costa Rica. By the way, I quit smoking tobacco in December 2009 and it was the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life. I did NOT start on pot either.

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I DO want to remind our readers that we appreciate any referrals you can send us. I know you all meet people on the plane, in the supermarket, at yoga, at the gym, at the Blooms ladies club, at the potluck organized by your community. Please remember the GoDutch Realty agents when you talk about your home in Costa Rica, when you meet someone who wants to purchase one, we appreciate it.

                                                                                           We love your referrals at GoDutch Realty

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