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Orthopedic problem in knees and feet | get it fixed in Costa Rica

Orthopedic problem in knees and feet | get it fixed in Costa RicaDo you also have an orthopedic problem? I have been struggling with bad pain in my feet for years and no doctor could find what the problem was.

Thank God for the internet (not of Facebook this time), that made it possible for me to find out that I have a neurological problem. Well, it’s really a neurological problem that creates an orthopedic problem. A Costa Rica real estate agent who cannot walk is no good, so I decided to do something about it.

In Costa Rica, the advantage is that if you have a medical problem, you do not need to be referred by any doctor. You just find a doctor in the phone book and make the appointment.

That is how simple it was for me to make an appointment with a neurologist in CIMA hospital in Escazu, a private hospital in Costa Rica. The doctor had me do a neurological electrogram and confirmed that I have a painful neuropathy and I won’t bother you with the rest of the mile-long name. What I had also found on the web was that my problem is something that is mostly suffered by diabetics and I am not one.

Pins and needles

There is apparently no one been able to find out why non-diabetics would have a painful neuropathy. Pins and needles, burning, cramping mixed with numbness, and tingling is the wording most used by patients.

The doctor prescribed a lot of pills, most to kill the pain and for months I was having stomach aches and the neuropathy didn’t go anywhere, so I stopped taking the pills after a while and went back to my pain.

Orthopedic problem in knees and feet | get it fixed in Costa Rica

Dr. Daniel Alcacazar

My wife Dany had been having quite an orthopedic problem with a knee. She ended up visiting Dr. Daniel Alcazar de la Torre, an orthopedist and trauma surgeon. Dr. Alcazar specializes in sports trauma, also in the CIMA hospital.

Dany needed a meniscus operation and a cleaning of her cartilage, which is hard to recover from. The doctor is specialized in sports injuries but also treats the needed like you and me, retired sports heroes.

My flip flops

As most of you know, I always walk on flip flops whenever I can. That’s because my feet hurt less. We started talking about why I dress like a gringo on perpetual vacation.

He looked at my feet and said right away the arch of my feet is too high. And that’s why my feet are hurting. So what I thought a neurological problem is really an orthopedic problem. Full circle…

The doctor said he might not be able to do anything for me, as my problem was very advanced. But he was willing to give it a shot, without any promises of making it any better.

That was what I liked best about his answer: no bullshitting, just straightforward willingness to help without any promises.

Sports Clinic

Dr. Daniel sent me to his brand new rehab center across the highway, called Clinica del Deporte. This sports clinic is a very well set up place that has everything a patient with orthopedic problems can ask for.

Between Daniel and Christina, the two outstanding physiotherapists, they taught me

  • to stand on my toes again,
  • how to regain my balance
  • and how to throw a basketball without falling over,
  • among a lot of other things that I haven’t been able to do in 20 years.

Christina, Nacho, and Daniel also treated me with laser, did hot and cold treatments on my feet and some other things that I don’t even know what it is called.

They gave me a lot of homework too, so I could keep working on my orthopedic problem without taking any pills.

Most of the treatment was paid for by INS, my Costa Rica health – medical insurance. The pain is gone for 60% and I have regained 50% of the use of my feet. I go to the gym again and show property in Costa Rica without hurting like crazy.

Orthopedic problem in knees and feet | get it fixed in Costa Rica

I recommend

Dany’s knee is getting better, little by little, as long as she is careful with what she does. Dr. Daniel does what he can to monitor her knee. If you have an orthopedic problem, I can definitely recommend Dr. Daniel Alcazar de la Torre, on the 4th floor of Tower II in the CIMA hospital and his team of dedicated physiotherapists as Mariel, the punctual receptionist.

Do you also have any orthopedic problems? For appointments with the bi-lingual doctor Daniel Alcazar, call 2208-8416 at the CIMA hospital. 

For Costa Rica real estate, contact me.

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