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Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

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Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

Looking for a Costa Rica insurance agent? Nothing is better for business than good service to your clients. In my business, Costa Rica real estate, I have always tried to excel in service as in my opinion it means the continuity of your business and it is a lot easier to keep an old client happy than making new clients.

But mostly the larger business like banks and insurance companies have a hard time making their employees understand what good customer service is. They end up with lots of frustrated clients.

I am one of those who complain when service is bad. But I also think that when people do a good job, they deserve a pat on the shoulder.

This time it is don Isidro’s turn for a well-deserved pat on the shoulder. Who the heck is don Isidro some of you might say? In my opinion, he is the best Costa Rica insurance agent.

Those who have asked me, after closing on their house, where to get their home insured and their car insurance, or medical insurance, know who don Isidro is. Isidro gives an extraordinary service as an insurance agent for INS, learning how he keeps his clients happy.

The state-owned insurance company in Costa Rica, Instituto Nacional de Seguros (I.N.S.) awarded our don Isidro and his insurance agency Pricose, with the “most honest agent award”. Yeah, a weird name for an award, but oh so true. Honest as they come.

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

Good and bad agents

I have lived in Costa Rica since 1980 and I have had several businesses, I have had a lot of different insurances. Costa Rica had a monopoly for many years, INS is state-owned, and just recently the market finally has been opening up, little by little, for the competition. Most insurance agents just barely do their work, they just worry about selling you insurance but they don’t follow up on anything. I have had over 20 different insurance agents because they lacked interest in my business and the products they sell. I guess that was just part of the lack of competition.

An extraordinary agent

But then I got lucky, about 15 years ago, someone recommended me Isidro Gonzalez or don Isidro. I figured out pretty quickly the man knows what he is doing.

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

If you are looking for a good insurance agent in Costa Rica, you should look at what an agent who wins the “Most Honest Agent Award” can offer you:

  • Sending a reminder at least 2 weeks before the expiration date of your insurances.
  • Sending another reminder 2 days before expiration.
  • Picking up your check personally and not telling you to deposit the money in the I.N.S. bank account.
  • Call you on your birthday.
  • Be available when needed when you have a car accident, a claim, or any problem with your insurance and you don’t know how to solve it, where to go or who to call.
  • Be available for any questions about your insurance at any time and respond to your emails within 24 hours.
  • Not minding you ask to recalculate your insurance payments.
  • Always looking out for your interest and not trying to push you into a “better deal” if it is not.
  • Letting you know when he wins an award.

Yes, you guessed it right, all the above is what don Isidro does, so feel free to contact him for any insurance.

Costa Rica insurances are available

  • Health insurance – ask about injuries
  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Highway assistance insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Pet insurance

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent award

Costa Rica Insurance Agent

Costa Rica insurance agent wins most honest agent awardFor more information on any insurance in Costa Rica, feel free to contact Costa Rica insurance agent Isidro Gonzalez

Phones (506) 2282-6570 / 8384-7225


Skype: isidro.gonzalez.aguero

Buying or selling property in Costa Rica, then contact the property experts.

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