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Retirement in Costa Rica is way different

Costa Rica retirement is way differentIt is all in a lifestyle. I was reading on Glozal, a social network for realtors worldwide, an article about active Adult (55+) communities, which reminded me of several clients who moved to Costa Rica in the past. After some years, they thought they would be better off retiring to a real retirement community in Florida, where thousands of people retire to every month. Some of them never come back to Costa Rica but the adventurous ones realize that they made a big mistake by moving to Florida to retire and eventually end up in Costa Rica again. Let me tell you why.

Most of us, during our lives and our career, have acquired a lifestyle. Some love to read a good book or enjoy a nice glass of wine, others cannot live without concerts and theater and other just like to read a good book or live a different adventure every day. And that is what my blog is all about today.

Retirement and amenities

Many people who work hard their whole life (or not) dream of retiring to a beautiful place with nice weather every day, be surrounded by nice and entertaining people living on a beautiful golf course or well landscaped parks and sidewalks. My good friend Zev Freidus, broker of Boca Executive Realty in Boca Raton, has in incredibly beautiful website. His website gives you a good idea of the hundreds of retirement communities that give you all kinds of amenities like a country club with Golf, Tennis and Fitness and  many activities to choose from on a daily basis including various games of cards, social events other entertainment poolside. Social events for particular age groups, couples and singles are all noted in a busy, active calendar each month.


Organized Retirement

When you move to the Florida type retirement communities, wherever they are, it is like taking a tour through Paris or London in a tour bus, where the driver tells you went to look left and when to look right. They take you to a fancy restaurant and someone explains to you what every course is and they organize even your seating for you to make sure you will have a nice discussion during dinner. It will be a lifestyle similar to what you have lived all your life and you can expect no surprises.

Costa Rica Retirement

If you retire to Costa Rica, I hope you’re adventurous and that you will like the ride in a rollercoaster. Every day will be an adventure. Every day something new and unbelievable will happen to you. Unless you have traveled a lot and you did it on your own, you might not understand how much fun that can be. At Godutch Realty, we will introduce you to the right people, sell you the right home and make your retirement more exciting than living in a retirement community in Florida. Costa Rica DOES offer some similarity to those country clubs but you need to contact our agent Shell Johansson to show you property for sale in Cariari or you can contact our agent Mike Newhouse to see property in Santa Ana. Both areas offer a golfcourse and other amenities you might be looking for.  If you think you would enjoy a Florida style community, contact my friend Zev and he or one of his agents in Boca Raton and they will take well care of you and find you the retirement you are looking for.

Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have gone through a similar situation or have an opinion about this topic.

Ivo Henfling and his team of GoDutch Realty agents sell homes in the Costa Rica Central Valley and make sure your relocation is done in an organized manner. No other real estate agency in Costa Rica can offer so many different locations and services as GoDutch Realty does. We offer hundreds of up to date real estate listings of properties for sale and for rent and lots of information about Costa Rica real estate on our website. Contact us NOW if you have any questions

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