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Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?

Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?Do you want to become a couch potato? Probably you’re not, because you wouldn’t be reading this article. But maybe your spouse wants to be a couch potato? We have the solution for it: move to Costa Rica! Once you take that decision we can assist to look for a home in Costa Rica.

You have worked your butt off for most of your life and you’re sick and tired of getting up every morning, commute to work and come home late at night. Once you’re home, you switch on the TV and become a couch potato. You’re almost retired and would love to do nothing for a while until you get your energy back again. Once you become a couch potato, it will be really tough to become energetic again.

I have a much better solution for you: move to another country, start a new life and do something that you will never regret: look for a home in Costa Rica. That will keep you away from that couch for a while. There are several reasons to make it Costa Rica and not somewhere else, let me show you.

Things to do

There are a zillion things to do in Costa Rica; it would be ridiculous to become a couch potato and waste your retirement. Most activities are quite a bit different than what you are probably used to. Here are the most unusual ones:

Horse parade

Get a horse and join the horse parade. We have plenty of those here. Learn about Ticonuevo’s experiences in a Costa Rican horse parade.

Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?


You can practice bouldering in Providencia de Dota. This can be a bit scary, so you better leave your remote control at home.

Beach hop

This will keep you busy for a while. We have over 150 beaches in Costa Rica. So if you want to see them all, you won’t be a couch potato for a while, maybe a beach potato.

Eat a copo

You can get a copo almost everywhere in Costa Rica. At the airport, on the Paseo de las Turistas in Puntarenas, in the park in Belen Guanacaste and the Soda Castro in San Jose has really good ones. Find out what a copo is.

Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?

Stone spheres

There are over 300 mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica. Though they’re all the same, by checking them out one by one, you will probably see quite a bit of the country.

White water rafting

Daring or not daring, you have a choice of rafting for beginners and for those looking for a challenge. Falling off the raft is for the more adventurous. Again, leave your remote at home.


See sloths in Manuel Antonio national park or even at the University of Costa Rica campus. They will show you what could look like in a few years when you choose to become a couch potato.

Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?


The couches made in Costa Rica are terrible, they’re just plain uncomfortable. They do not compare to the couches made in the US or Europe. If you buy an imported couch in Costa Rica, it’s probably made in China or in Korea. It’s no fun to become a couch potato on a bad couch.


You can buy a flat screen TV in Costa Rica. We have them in all sizes, just like anywhere else. But they are imported and therefore expensive. So why even bother to have a TV, unless you want to buy one tax-free. Learn where and get a nice trip out of it.

Cable TV

You will have very few choices of Cable TV. We haves Tigo and we have Cable Tica and they cover different territories. In my house I am stuck to Tigo, there’s nowhere else to go. Unless I get Sky, which is satellite TV. Their programming is as bad as it is anywhere else.


To be able to live in Costa Rica, you need legal residency, just like the Ticos do in your country. If you insist on being a perpetual tourist, you will have to get off that couch at least once every 3 months.  You don’t need residency to look for a home in Costa Rica and not to buy one either. Although investing in a home can get your residency.

Should a couch potato look for a home in Costa Rica?

We appreciate your business, so if you are planning to look for a home in Costa Rica, feel free to contact us.

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