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Should you live in Atenas or does your lifestyle take you to Escazu

Should you live in Atenas or does your lifestyle take you to EscazuFind out if Atenas or Escazu – Santa Ana is the lifestyle you are looking for. I have lived in Escazu and Santa Ana for most of my life in Costa Rica, which 30 years ago were small towns and most of us did their shopping in San Jose. There is a huge difference in the lifestyle between Escazu and Atenas.

There were no malls and no traffic at the time and life in Costa Rica was a lot easier back then, you didn’t need much to live well here.

Growth of Escazu in the ’90s and of Santa Ana in the year 2,000 have turned almost into one big city. This is not much different from any small city in the US. Before that, well-to-do Ticos and foreigners traveled at least once or twice a year to Miami. Some would even keep an apartment in Florida for shopping trips or visits to the doctor.

Costa Rica has now grown up. It is not the little Central American country that is mentioned in movies and adventure books anymore. San Jose used to be a place where real people lived. People that abhorred the traffic, the busy lifestyle and the fact that all their neighbors’ homes were turning commercial, moved first to Rohrmoser and Pavas. Then they moved even further west to Escazu and Santa Ana. And nowadays to Ciudad Colon and eventually to Atenas.

The Atenas lifestyle

About 8 years ago, a couple of French Canadian builders were building homes in a community in Atenas, called Vista Atenas. Back then, from Escazu, it would take me one hour to get there, since the new highway from San Jose to Caldera did not exist.  At the time, I realized that there were more and more retirees moving to Costa Rica who did not have the need of living around the corner of a mall, nor being very picky about the restaurants that were accessible to them.

Suddenly, living in Atenas became interesting for all those retirees from Canada, the US, and Europe. Little by little, more expats found out that Atenas has the best weather in the world and living in Atenas became even more attractive. More expat amenities were soon offered in Atenas, Nowadays, the renowned Annual Atenas Charity Chili Cook-Off is an expat happening that everyone living in Atenas should join.

Should you live in Atenas or does your lifestyle take you to Escazu

The pioneers of Atenas.

In 2003, I sold a home to a client who meanwhile moved to Omaha. He moved because of a teaching job but still owns the house. That’s when I really saw the real estate growth potential of Atenas. I lucked out and found Isabelle Jones willing to go through agent training and become a GoDutch Realty agent for the area of Atenas.  Isabelle and her family lived in Atenas themselves and she has had her share of putting Atenas on the map.

GoDutch Realty was the second Costa Rica real estate office to get started in Atenas. Now there are too many of them. Atenas has grown but still offers a laid back life to its residents as it has the low-density zoning that Escazu doesn’t have.  The town offers gated communities like Roca Verde, Lomas del Paraiso, Hacienda Atenas, and others. This lifestyle makes it easy to lock up your home and travel.  Besides, you should see the beautiful one story homes with incredible views with a swimming pool in those communities.

Atenas offers all the services and amenities you need if you plan to move to a laid back lifestyle of having your dinner parties at home, play cards with your friends, read all those books you never had a chance to read and where dressing up is not important anymore. The shopping malls in Escazu and Santa Ana are really only 30 minutes on the new highway.

Should you live in Atenas or does your lifestyle take you to Escazu

Escazu lifestyle

Do you plan to retire to a more city lifestyle? Do you like dressing up to go out for dinner to a wide range of restaurants? Then, living in Escazu is probably where you should look to buy your new home in Costa Rica. Are you looking for plenty of shopping malls, go to the movies and a classy gym often? Then the Escazu lifestyle is for you. Find out more about the benefits that living in Escazu has to offer.

GoDutch Realty has agents in different areas. We can help you find the right area for you, depending on your lifestyle.

Contact us now for more information on Atenas real estate or Escazu real estate for sale.

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