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Atenas home sweet home in Costa Rica

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Atenas home sweet home in Costa Rica

I made Atenas home sweet home in Costa Rica. My name is Claude Dugas and I was born in Quebec, Canada, where I lived for more than fifty years.

I knew from a previous winter spent in Amazonia of Peru that living in a warmer environment could contain its charms. Indeed, I have been suffering from the winter cold ever since.

So by the end of January 1993, I decided to come to visit Costa Rica and look at the possibility of making it my place of living.

I drove through the USA and Central America. During the trip, I had the chance to live many adventures. I still could speak some Spanish that I had so easily learned in Peru so many years before.

My first visit

Once I started making my home sweet home in Costa Rica, I stayed for five weeks in various locations. I tried Escazu, Jaco Beach, and San Pedro. I liked the country very much. So I decided to go back to Quebec for my planning to return to make my home sweet home in Costa Rica as soon as I financially was able to.

Atenas home sweet home in Costa Rica

A guest of Atenas

By the end of 2000, I was finally ready. I flew to Costa Rica to file the papers in order to obtain my status of residency. So I could make Atenas my new home sweet home in Costa Rica. A friend sent me an email suggesting I could stay in Atenas, so I made it my destination.

I stayed in a nice Bed and Breakfast in a beautiful mountain setting overlooking the Central Valley. By night, breathtaking views of the flickering lights of San Jose, the capital city seen from the distance, and the perfect quietness. I was astounded with the feelings of peace and contentment and what the Atenas lifestyle could do for me.

What a joy

Once I made my new home in Atenas, I really felt being in another world. When I woke up in the morning after very few hours of sleep, I felt that the whole atmosphere made it obvious that I was in a place that I would love to make my home sweet home.

I loved the smell of the vegetation, the songs of the many birds in a tree right in front of my room, and the strong positive energy.

Later on, walking the streets, I could smell the strong odor of musk left by the peccaries that used to live in that mountain before civilization took over. I was admiring from far the many shades of greens displayed in the surrounding mountains.

The only noise you could hear was the singing of the birds and the quick funny walking of the geckos I was frightening away.

Atenas home sweet home in Costa Rica

My dream

A little breeze coming from the Pacific was carrying a pure, unpolluted air, for thousands and thousands of miles over the ocean. I dreamt of a clear image that someday I would make that place my home.  I planned using some of my time to build houses in Atenas. That dream came true a few years later.

Next week I will tell you more about my dream that came true and about the benefits of living in Atenas, Costa Rica. I am just one of the hundreds of people who moved to Atenas to start a new life. The place that I made home sweet home and one I still enjoy every day.

The Author

Claude Dugas is a full-time resident in Costa Rica and is very knowledgeable about living in Atenas. After being in business for 35 years in Québec, Canada, and in the USA owning a landscaping company and various automobile parts businesses, Claude moved to Atenas, Costa Rica in May 2005 as a permanent resident.

Claude soon started building houses in Atenas. He designed and built seven houses in Atenas so far and now enjoys being retired in Atenas.

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