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Burgers and Johnny Rockets in Costa Rica

by Ivo Henfling

Eating hamburgers in Costa RicaWhen you grow up with burgers, you cannot live without them. Moving to Costa Rica doesn’t change your eating habits. If you have grown up eating hamburgers and hotdogs, you cannot just start eating gallo pinto the next day. The advantage is that if you move to Costa Rica, thousands of US citizens have done so before you did. For that reason, you will find quite a few burger joints all over the country, some good and others not so good.

We Dutch don’t really know how to make a good burger or even how to eat one; we eat French fries and mayonnaise. I see how some North American friends love to eat a huge hamburger with all kinds of stuff on it. Well, I got great news for those burger lovers who read my weekly blogs.

I just wanted to let y’all know that if you’re in the market to purchase Costa Rica real estate, we do not only sell you the property you are looking for, we hold your hand way past the closing and we update you all the time on importants facts like finding your favorite hamburger shack for you.

Johnny Rocket in Costa Rica

By August 2013, Johnny Rocket is supposed to open its first location in the Mall Lincoln Plaza food court in Moravia, on the north-side of San All about burgers in Costa RicaJose. A local franchisee expects to open four Johnny Rocket 50’s-style burger joints by next year. The other locations will be in Escazu, Heredia and Alajuela.

Tico hamburgers

I know it’s not the same; it’s not a US burger. But you can get Tico burgers everywhere and at half the price you pay for the gringo burgers. Just go into any soda in a Tico neighborhood or a central market in any city, you’ll find a Tico burger with French fries.

Doc Brown’s in Sabana Sur

Big Jake from Colorado recommends you try Doc Brown’ burgers:

“Stopped here because we had some time to kill before our flight the next day. Gourmet burgers from a “house burger” menu or you can create your own masterpiece from their “build your own menu.” By far the best burger we had on our two week journey around the country! “

Doc Brown’s is located next to Sushi Bamboo in Sabana South, across from Beso. Their phone is 2290-3531

Henry’s Beach Cafe in Escazu

Once you try Henry’s huge burgers, you’ll keep going back, located only 50 yards from your favorite GoDutch Realty office in Henry's burgers in Escazu are greatEscazu. Henry’s Burger, Black & Blue Burger, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Bacon Cheeseburger, Cowboy Burger, Mushroom Cheeseburger, Double Stack Cheese Burger and an unusual Salmon Burger, check it out on Facebook, hit their website or call 2228-0184 – 2289-6250 – 2289-6239. Thursday’s is Burger Night and you get 30% off.

Hamburguesía in Plaza Tempo Escazu

Hamburgesía is the latest burger joint in Escazu where you can get a gourmet burger or build your own. Check their Facebook or call 4052-5141

Hamburger Factory

Top of the line Tico-style hamburger restaurants factory with 6 locations throughout San Jose: -Plaza Rofas  across from Hospital San Juan de Dios, Calle Central 250m north of the big church, Avenida Central on Cuesta Mora, Mall San Pedro, “El Pueblo”, La Uruca, across from Mercedes-Benz. Grilled hamburgers Tico style. You can check their Facebook here or call 2221-5022.

Carl’s Junior all over San Jose

Carl’s Junior is now available in Lincoln Plaza, Real Cariari, Paseo Metropoli, Parque Central, Mall San Pedro and Paseo las Carls Jr. is another burger option in Costa RicaFlores. Carl’s Jr. offers a broad range of burger options made with Black Angus beef, including the single-patty Famous Star, Western Bacon burger, Portobello burger and Chili Cheese burger. Jalapeño and Guacamole Bacon burgers. Phone 2248-4476 and website.

Perro Loco Hotdogs

It’s not only Burgers life of a gringo is all about for a gringo, I know. Dogs are also important, real hot dogs. There is only one place I know of in Costa Rica that has dogs worth barking about: Perro Loco in El Cruce de Escazu, kind of next to Pops in the small stripmall, right on the corner at the traffic light. My friend Leigh Westcott has the best dogs in Central America, you really gotta try them, and they’re huuuuuuge.

If you have a great burger experience, please tell us about it in the comment box below.

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