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Costa Rica real estate agent in suspense novel

Costa Rica real estate agent in suspense novelHave you ever been a character in a suspense novel? Well, I have!

I would like to share this funny story about a Costa Rica real estate suspense novel with you. When you think you’ve seen it all, you learn that you haven’t.

This is not a fairy tale. Though all the actors involved in this novel thought about suing the writer, we decided that this seller either has a serious psychological problem or he is just a great writer. The man is wasting an opportunity to become famous and make a lot of money.

How boring life would have been if I would have stayed in Holland and wouldn’t have moved to Costa Rica.


Many years ago, our GoDutch Realty office sold a property in Escazu to a North American client, Dean. Dean was single, a very quiet and introvert man. He lived in the Escazu house for a few years and then deiced to remodel it very nicely. Then, one day called us again that he wanted to sell.

The home for sale was located on a nice but unpaved street on one side and on a very busy street on the other. This road became over the years a shortcut for everyone going from downtown Escazu to San Antonio. It is also the bus route for the San Antonio busses. During the daytime, lots of trucks and regular traffic use this road, so it became a nit noisy. The one-story house offers a very nice and large front and back yard, which is hard to find because of the cost of land in Escazu.

Costa Rica real estate agent in suspense novel

Every time we show the house, Dean just greets us at the front door and goes to his office. He leaves us alone and lets me do my job. I had no idea what was going on in his mind, which you’ll learn soon.

A Suspense Novel

Then one day, searching for something else, I find this suspense novel on the internet.  It’s a novel written by Dean, my client. I will show you some excerpts from this suspense novel. I will black-out all names other than mine because all these people are real people.

The Conspiracy

Some are well known for being good at what they do and above all, honest. Judge for yourself if the man is either a very good writer or a nutcase. I hope you enjoy the story about “The Costa Rica real estate conspiracy”.

The book starts like this: “Extra-Territorial Investigations, Federal Bureau of Investigation”. I submit this report to advise your agency that an extortion ring based in both the U.S. and Costa Rica continues its longstanding endeavor to victimize me.  This criminal enterprise targets American ex-patriots such as myself, for criminal exploitation.

As the following narration describes, for more than the past five years I have been subjected to persistent duress applied to me by agents of an American-led group of elitist fascists.

The Players

The principal conspirators operating primarily in Costa Rica of this RICO Act extortion conspiracy are as follows:

Ivo Henfling and RH: Both men are Dutch ex-patriots who operate GoDutch Realty, which is based in Escazu, Costa Rica. For the past five years, Mr. Ivo Henfling has shown the property I manage at least several dozen times, mainly to his American “clients”. Most of whom actually seemed more interested in examining it as a possible illicit “takeover target” or a potential distressed property situation than a property Mr. Henfling had represented to them as a worthy real estate investment.

Mr. A.: A British ex-patriot and owner of C. Realty who is associated with Mr. Henfling via their affiliation with American-European Real Estate Group.  Mr. A showed the property to several Americans during the past five years.  I include him in this roster of primary co-conspirators since I allege he is privy to Mr. Henfling’s modus operandi, especially with regard to how it has been applied in my case.

Mr. J.: An Argentinian and Israeli ex-patriot who is employed as the chief operating officer for a Costa Rican based company.

Mr. S.: He recently reneged on an offer tendered by him through Mr. Ivo Henfling last November to purchase from my company real estate located in Escazu.

A Conspirator

While Mr. S. only relatively recently became involved with the conspiracy, his participation with the conspiracy scheme was evident to me when he failed to fulfill his moral and ethical obligation to purchase the property after several months of claiming while all the while that he was applying for a mortgage loan.

Costa Rica real estate agent in suspense novel


My firm actually offered him the opportunity to finance the purchase. But he never deigned to respond to it.  As a result of this overtly malfeasant behavior on his part, I allege that Mr. S conspired with Mr. Henfling to participate in this highly-abusive harassment technique in order to exert egregious duress on me personally for the purpose of advancing their criminal strategy to extort the asset from the legal owner. I also allege that Mr. S never had any intention of purchasing the property in question.

More recently in a phone conversation, I had with Mr. Henfling, he issued an “off the cuff” statement that he planned to contact Mr. S to inquire as to the status of a mortgage loan application. I took this as further proof of being the instigator of the scheme inasmuch as nearly six months had passed since they issued the original real estate purchase offer.

While I suspected that Mr. Ivo Henfling was in league with them, I chose not to report his involvement with the connivance of legal authorities. I deemed his complicity was circumstantial until more recently, i.e., until his involvement with the above-mentioned real estate purchase renege by Mr. S and a threatening statement he issued to me when I met him last.  At that time he said to me in a whispering voice, “you are going to help us”. I hereby agree to submit to polygraph testing to verify my veracity on that claim against Mr. Henfling.


16 April 2008

Ivo showed the property around 4:00 p.m. to an American woman (middle-aged, perhaps late sixties) and three Costa Rica females (apparently a late, middle-aged mother with two of her daughters, both appeared to be in their late twenties).  They briefly toured the property.

At the conclusion of the showing, Ivo said he’d email me about the prospects’ (?) potential interest in purchasing the property.  He also said he would contact the “Argentinian” to inquire as to whether or not he still maintained an interest in fulfilling his offer to buy it as tendered last November.

Costa Rica real estate agent in suspense novel

5 December 2008

Ivo called me on my cell phone in the afternoon to advise me that he and his associate B have several “buyers” they think would be interested in acquiring the property. I must report, however, that several comments they issued to me during their visit were patently harassing. For instance, during the beginning of their tour, the woman asked me whether or not the house features a second story.  From the main entryway of the property, it is unequivocally evident that it doesn’t, that was an obvious harassing question.

I believe Mr. Henfling sent them there primarily for the purpose to have them surveil the status of the remodeling efforts. In other words, his “buyers” do not have a bona fide interest in purchasing the property. I actually allege the purpose of checking on the status of this part of the inventory that he and his “buyers” have acquired through their criminal conspiracy.

Harassment Activities

I also allege both Messrs. Henfling and Mr. A are involved with a related conspiracy to abrogate my civil and human rights in order to coerce me into some form of involuntary servitude through the organization of constant harassment activities against me personally.

I must conclude, therefore, that Mr. Henfling continues to act as a chief “boss” of the criminal conspiracy designed to egregiously restrain the marketability (trade) of the property with the assistance of other crooked realtors, attorneys, residential construction concerns, and “buyers,” all of which operate related business concerns both in Costa Rica, Europe, and the United States.

That effort obviously has its principle goal to extort the true value of the property from its legitimate owner by “blacklisting” it from the free market.

The Goal

I also allege that Mr. Henfling and his primary co-conspirators, as identified in the foregoing text, have been conspiring to coerce me to relinquish my human and civil rights in order to facilitate their plan to criminally confiscate my assets (including my authorship of The R) and render me resigned to conduct my life in some form of involuntary servitude.  In order to achieve that goal, they employ harassment, physical intimidation, surveillance, and stalking techniques.

My Share

I hope you enjoyed the above parts of this suspense novel as much as I did. I also hope this book will one day be published and sell like crazy. I’m already hoping the book will turn into a blockbuster movie soon. Maybe then I can retire on what Dean has to pay me for using my name. I think the man still lives in that house in Escazu.

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