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How retirees in Costa Rica communicate with back home

How retirees in Costa Rica communicate with back homeThere are lots of retirees in Costa Rica and some way or other, they all communicate with their children and grandchildren back home.

If the Queen of England can use email to communicate her decisions to her subjects as you can see in the photo, you can too. The computer age has changed us all tremendously and every day we learn new things, even though we think we are incapable of doing so.

30 Years ago, my mom and dad were living in the Canary Islands, Spain and we would talk to each other about once a month. When we were talking, we didn’t know what to say to each other or we wanted to say too much at the same time. Writing a letter was something like, do I really need to do this every month? Then we got Skype and other VOIP and now we have Facebook.

Further down this Costa Rica blog, I’d like to share a great video about Facebook that my mom shared with me today, by email.

Distance doesn’t matter anymore

My mom is 86 and handles a computer better than many people half her age. We have lived apart for the last 35 years and communicate well, by phone, by email or Facebook. My mom lives in Holland and I live in Costa Rica.

You can do the same with your children when you move to Costa Rica. Many of the future retirees have family live all over the States or even in different States. Email, Skype, Magic Jack and other ways of communicating were unthinkable no more than 15 years ago.

The world is getting smaller and smaller due to easy communication via the internet and travel is easy now. You just go online and book your trip, your Costa Rica vacation, your rent-a-car with GPS and your tour to the volcano included.

How retirees in Costa Rica communicate with back home

Never too old to learn to use a computer

My mom learned to manage a computer when she was 69. She uses it to communicate with her children and grandchildren all over the world. Most of her friends her age and some even quite a bit younger think she’s a wiz. I have lots of clients of all ages who have learned, little by little to use their computer. Just so they can communicate better with their family in other cities and even other countries. I learned when I was 18 years old and I am still learning every day because the software is getting better and easier to handle all the time.

How retirees in Costa Rica communicate with back home

Social networking in Costa Rica

The weird thing is that those who do have a computer are told by their kids to stay the hell off Facebook and other social networks. Who knows what they’re hiding.

We all have internet in Costa Rica now, even on our phones. That was unthinkable even when we moved from a beeper to a cell phone. Kids don’t talk to each other anymore; they send text messages and Whatsapp.

My wife and I send each other emails, so we won’t forget about certain things. I know people who communicate with their family on Facebook. A year ago, my webmaster told me to open an account on Facebook, because that was going to be the future for my business. Like I got nothing better to do than be on Facebook.

How retirees in Costa Rica communicate with back home

You’d be surprised how many foreigners who live in Costa Rica are on Facebook. They mostly use it to communicate with their family. Today, every Costa Rica blog and every newsletter I write goes automatically to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other Social Network pages. It’s unbelievable how fast this goes. What’s next?

Enjoy this video, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy this satire of a mom trying to use Facebook:

A Fact

In today’s world, you don’t have to be afraid you miss the kids and not seeing the grandkids grow up. The internet allows us to communicate so much easier. Now even moving to Costa Rica has become a doable goal for those who are willing to adjust to a new environment.

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