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If you are scared of bugs in Costa Rica do not move here

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If you are scared of bugs Costa Rica is not for you

We have lots of bugs in Costa Rica, so for those who have a bug phobia…

My first meeting with a monster spider, made me ask myself what I was doing on a coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Gradually I adjusted to my new life in the tropics and learned to share it with the bugs in Costa Rica. But I have also learned to call the exterminator twice a year.

When we first moved to Costa Rica we were picked up by our very nice host family (thanks Mieke & Bert) at the Herradura hotel.  We had stayed there for the first couple of days. Our hosts took us to this hilltop in Salitral de Santa Ana. Which, at the time, was in the middle of nowhere.

Our arrival

We were moving to Costa Rica with the whole family; mom & dad, my two little sisters, my brother, and I. We arrived with a lot of suitcases because the container with our household would take about 3 months to arrive and my dad had rented this guesthouse located at the far end of a coffee farm, quite a bit away from the main house. The guesthouse was a cute semi-furnished A-frame built of cement board, surrounded by coffee fields with some clusters of banana trees thrown in here and there for shade. Of course, we didn’t know that the banana trees attracted these hairy monster spiders.

Like a horror movie

There were 6 of us and not enough beds. Therefore, there were some mattresses on the floors in the 2nd bedroom. Us kids were to spend the night on those. This was fine as we were used to camping in France and Spain.

In the middle of the night, one of my sisters wakes us up by screaming like in a horror movie. I switch on the light and there is this huge monster spider sitting on the wall. Right next to her. My brother grabs the first thing he sees. A mop that was still sitting there after we cleaned up a bit before going to sleep and takes a swing. We never figured out if the monster was dead or not.

What we did see was a monster hole in the wall. My God, that was a big hole… the cement board wall.


After a while, we found out it is pretty normal to fumigate your house now and then. You really want to exterminate the bugs in Costa Rica at least twice a year. No matter if you live in the boonies or in the city, we have plenty of bugs in Costa Rica.

We have plenty of spiders, cockroaches, 50 types of ants, dengue-carrying mosquitoes, and a wide range of weird-looking insects.

A couple of hours ago, my wife Dany started screaming downstairs. Both Andres and I started running to see what was going on. She is scared to death of snakes. We still don’t know if it was a baby snake or a worm looking to get out of the rain. Therefore, it is time to cut a 10 feet wide strip of grass in the neighbor’s yard again. She doesn’t do it and you can hide an army of snakes in there.

If you are scared of bugs in Costa Rica, like spiders and scorpions, this beautiful country is not for you. If you’re not, you should probably call the exterminator twice a year. Also, in case you get bitten, there are plenty of good hospitals in Costa Rica. if you really get in bad shape, ask your family and friends to pray for you.

Still ready to move to Costa Rica? Rent or buy? Don’t worry, we can assist you. We are the experts, contact us now!

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