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Solo Camaron for shrimp lovers in Costa Rica


Solo Cameron restaurant Costa RicaWe were seriously surprised to find a restaurant with such a varied shrimp menu. I knew the restaurant existed as we had walked by it several times, but from the outside, the place looks like a Johnny Rockets, not inviting enough for me. When I find a restaurant that’s worth mentioning because the food, the service or the ambience is worth telling my readership about, I will do so in one of my blogs.

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Dany and I had planned to have a nice Peruvian lunch on a Sunday afternoon and went to Plaza Itskatzú, a great strip mall with lots of restaurants in Escazu. The parking lot of the strip mall was packed and we barely found any space. People are either making a lot of money or the credit card companies are.  Walking over to the Peruvian restaurant, we were nicely greeted by a young waiter who invited us to check out the menu. The name of the restaurant: Solo Camaron, which means Only Shrimp. 

We were surprised with the variety on the menu and Dany is a seafood person, so we decided to forget about Peruvian food for now and try the shrimp. The restaurant is not very cozy and very inviting; it looks more like a hamburger joint, which is not my favorite for a nice Sunday afternoon with my wife. 

The same waiter attended us immediately (only two more tables were occupied) and he got us our drinks within a minute. They have a great variety of beers and we both chose a Coors, which is Dany’s favorite when we’re in the States. 


Solo Hongos, the mushroom appetizer

Solo Hongos, the mushroom appetizer

Studying the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see an incredible amount of options of shrimps and fish dishes, from distant places like India, Louisiana, Nicaragua, Mexico, China, Texas, Italy, Guatemala, Morocco, Indonesia, Hawaii and others.

We don’t eat a lot but decided to try and share the mushrooms and cheese served with toast appetizer that’s called “Solo Hongos” and it was awesome.  


The shrimpfrijo - a chifrijo with shrimp instead of chicharrones

The shrimpfrijo – a chifrijo with shrimp instead of chicharrones


Dany’s main dish was a Shrimpfrijo. Strange name you would say, right! Not for Costa Rica though. Someone invented Chifrijo a long time ago, which is a typical dish that is a combination of rice, beans, fried pork meat (chicharrones) and pico de gallo. Solo Camaron invented a similar dish, using shrimp instead of the chicharrones and Dany totally loved it.


The Jamaican shrimp and Maracuyá sauce

The Jamaican shrimp and Maracuyá sauce


I had the Jamaican shrimp, which is a fried shrimp (thankfully without the tail) with a Maracuya (passion fruit) sauce that was outstanding. Not a lot, just enough for me as we had had the great mushroom appetizer.

We had a very enjoyable lunch at a very reasonable price for Escazu (which is more expensive because the rents are higher than they are at most other locations), with a great service that was well worth tipping the waiter extra. We’ll be back, I’m sure. I can definitely recommend you go for a nice lunch or dinner if you are a shrimp lover in Costa Rica. 

In case you decide to give it a shot, Solo Camaron is located in Plaza Itscatzú and they have another restaurant in Plaza Lincoln in Moravia and before you go, check out their promotions on their Facebook as sometimes seem to have an after office happy hour 2 x 1 Sangría on Wednesdays or other promotions that you can take advantage of.

Buen Provecho!

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