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The benefits of living in Escazu

The benefits of living in EscazuThere are lots of benefits living in Escazu and depending on the lifestyle you are looking for, these benefits might fit you and your family’s view of what moving to Costa Rica should offer to you or not.

I moved to Costa Rica in 1980 and have lived in Escazu quite a few of those years. When I first moved to Escazu, I remember stopping at the Mas X Menos grocery store in San Rafael, which they called a supermarket. Yeah right.

Escazu had two churches, a soccer field, a couple of bars (cantina’s) and cows in the streets. The highway to Santa Ana didn’t have toll booths and there were no cars. For serious shopping you had to go to San Jose as there were no decent stores in Escazu.

Ferretería Solis, the only hardware store in Escazu, a block away from the park, had the most important things for plumbing and electrical problems but you need to be a McGyver to make anything happen. Escazu land for sale Times have changed like it always does. Old times were always better. I still live in Escazu and though Escazu has changed, I have also changed and I still like living in Escazu. Escazu stopped being a rural town a long time ago and has turned city, but a nice city to my opinion. Escazu has turned into the largest business center of Costa Rica.

Let me give you 14 benefits of living in Escazu

1. Location, location, location. You’re 15 minutes away from San Jose, 40 minutes from the International airport, 10 minutes from San Ana, 1 ½ hours from the Central Pacific and Escazu itself has the best amenities and services available to you.

2. Nice and cool Escazu weather year around. Three different locations with different weather types to choose from: San Rafael, Guachipelin and San Antonio.

3. Escazu real estate: Great choice of Escazu homes for sale and even some nice land for sale too. There are many communities that have some beautiful Escazu luxury homes for sale as well as Escazu condos. You can choose from 35 year old homes that were remodeled to the most modern condominiums or townhouses in gated communities. Secure investment due to benefit # 1.

Escazu homes for sale4. Escazu schools: A choice of at least 15 Spanish and bi-lingual Escazu schools like Country Day school, West School, Saint Mary School, Kids University many with the best education available in Costa Rica.

5. Escazu medical facilities: CIMA hospital offering the best medical services in town.

6. Escazu grocery shopping: Eight different Escazu grocery stores of different economic levels and services: Walmart, Perimercados, Mas X Menos, Automercado, Saretto, Pali and Pricemart (membership shopping).

7. Epa hardware store (like Home Depot) and 5 smaller hardware stores (Solis is still there).

8. Escazu dining out: At least 50 Escazu restaurants of all types and price ranges.

9. Escazu shopping: Multiplaza Mall with 5 department stores, a supermarket, 5 banks, 220 stores, 2 food courts and movie theaters and many other smaller malls all over Escazu. Great Escazu shopping, offering everything you need “American style”.

10. Escazu business: Several Escazu Office Centers like Spazio Ejecutivo, Plaza Robles, Trilogia and many others.Escazu condos for sale

11. Escazu tourism: Escazu Hotels like Marriott Courtyard hotel, Intercontinental hotel, Hilton Hotel, Residence Inn and many B & B like La Casa de las Tías.

12. For those who like modern city living, there is a wide range of Escazu condos starting at $170,000 all the way into several million dollars, depending on your lifestyle and budget, like Valle Arriba, Valle Tamarindo, Condado del Country, Riverside, Condado de Baviera, Avenida Escazu and many others.

13. Escazu sports: There are many sports facilities and gym facilities available throughout Escazu like the World Gym, Arena Trek and the Costa Rica Country Club for Escazu golf.

14. Escazu social: Since the bulk of the North American community lives in Escazu they are always organizing meetings and things to do in and around Escazu.     

15. Compared to any other city, Escazu is unique in it’s lifestyle, amenities and services offered.                                                                                        

Please feel free to leave comments below, positive or negative so others can learn from your opinions.

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