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The perfect seller of Costa Rica real estateToday, I showed a client some Costa Rica real estate and I found the perfect seller. This was probably for the first time in my real estate career.

The buyer is looking to buy a property in Costa Rica that offers views and security. I listed this incredibly nice condo in Escazu that looks like a house on the outside. But it is really a penthouse, even though its on street-level. Weird eh!

But today I really don´t want to talk to you about how nice and how cheap this penthouse is. I’d like to tell you how anybody who wants to sell their home should behave.

In this case, the situation is really special because the seller used to be a realtor in the US before they moved to Costa Rica. So he and his family know all about abusive buyers.

Allow me to tell you how refreshing this experience was to me, the agent, as well as to the buyer. I hope every seller in Costa Rica from now until I die, will read this blog… and becomes a perfect seller.

The perfect seller of Costa Rica real estate

Showing appointment

Last night, I called the owner to make an appointment for the showing. In Costa Rica, it is necessary to make showing appointments with the sellers. That’s because we don´t have any lockboxes here.

Usually, most sellers want us to accommodate the showing to their schedule. This perfect seller consulted with his wife for 15 seconds and said that yes. Please feel free to show my condo. “Please call us when you´re five minutes away and we´ll have the garage open for you. So you can pull right in. We will walk the dog meanwhile, so the house is all yours”.

WOW. Unreal. Finally, a seller who is not trying to do the showing for me or is breathing down my buyers´ neck trying to tell him how great a house this is and asking when will he make an offer. I’m flabbergasted about finally meeting the perfect seller.


The Showing

As promised, we drove right into the carport. One of their cars was parked outside, to make space for us. It’s nice for a buyer to get the feeling of coming home.

When we walked into the home, everything looked picture perfect. The only thing missing was the price tag sticking out the front door.

The perfect seller of Costa Rica real estate

Let me sum it up a bit, so we can all try to learn from this. I’ve been able to come up with 15 details that make the perfect seller look awesome:

The Perfect Showing

  1. No dog poop in the front yard.
  2. The grass was well cut and the garden nicely landscaped.
  3. Picture perfect front door to start with, no dog scratches on it and a clean window in it.
  4. All the lights were on in the house, which makes any home always look great.
  5. The home smelled fresh and nice, with no bad smells in a well-ventilated house.
  6. All furniture well arranged and organized.
  7. Not too much furniture, though this living room is so large, you can hide a boat in it.
  8. The kitchen was all clean and clear, nothing was sitting in the kitchen sink. I didn’t look in the dishwasher. No clutter nor any small kitchen appliances on the countertop.
  9. The pantry was well organized and clean.
  10. The beds were all made and the curtains and blinds were open.
  11. No underwear or clothing on the floor next to the bed or in the bathrooms.
  12. No clutter or loads of perfume bottles, shampoo, cremes, and other stuff all over the bathroom. The countertops were clean and clear of clutter.
  13. No clutter anywhere in the bedrooms, but amazingly the closets didn´t look overcrowded either. I guess they got rid of all the stuff they don´t need!!!
  14. The laundry room has no buckets, brooms, and other cleaning articles all over. Everything was nicely tucked away in its place. No dirty laundry was to be seen anywhere.
  15. Everything well painted with no dirty spots anywhere.

The perfect seller of Costa Rica real estate

A Medal

Thank you, Dear Sellers, you deserve a medal for this. Your medal will be that your house will sell very soon because you are motivated. You show the buyer that you are. Not only do you have a beautiful home but you are showing that you are a proud and perfect seller.


I wish we would have more proud sellers. Many homes for sale in Costa Rica are offered by totally disinterested and unmotivated sellers. Incredibly, most do not want to spend time and effort to get their home ready for sale. But who wants to buy a house that looks terrible?

Are you a motivated seller? Then we’d love to do business with you, contact us now.

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