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Why treating Ticos like shit is not right

Why treating Ticos like shit is not rightYeah, I know, I shouldn’t use bad language and I apologize for the French. But with a title like “why treating Ticos like shit”, I knew I would get your attention. And indeed treating Ticos like shit is not right.

Why not? Well, everything you do when you live in Costa Rica, should be like any good and decent guest behaves.

I often see Ticos who treat the Nicas the same way. For those who don’t know what Nicas are, they are the people who come from the country next door, Nicaragua. They come here to work hard and earn a living, trying to get a better life. So we should treat them well too, don’t you think so?

On the other hand, we are different than they are, aren’t we? We know everything so much better. We are better educated, smarter, and have a lot more money. They, the Ticos, are uneducated, stupid, and poor.

Let me wake you up

You and I are guests in this country and we should behave as such. How would you feel to have a guest visiting your home and your guest commenting something like

  • You guys have a nice house, a pity it’s so small.
  • God, how can you live in this neighborhood, this is a dump.
  • Your furniture needs replacement. Oh, and next time I would pick a different color.
  • Man, your curtains are ugly, why don’t you buy blinds?
  • Your food sucks; next time I’ll buy you lunch.
  • You should be doing this way different, you guys are so stupid.

Why treating Ticos like shit is not right

You and I, in turn, are much better educated than that. Aren’t we? We would not make any comments like that. Why would we treat our hosts terribly? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to behave and stop treating Ticos like shit? Because it isn’t right!


Use something like the following comments instead. The Ticos will love you for it and it will definitely generate a fun discussion. That will be also great practice for your Spanish:

  • I adore Tico Time. Who cares to wait for someone for an hour or so? As long as they show up, I’m fine with it. I’ve retired anyway and I always bring a book.
  • Driving in Costa Rica? I love it! Traffic, especially around Escazu is a lot of fun. I especially love those dirt bikes zigzagging between cars. It’s like spending time in Six Flags Fiesta.
  • I really enjoy the food in the local restaurants. What they call casado is my favorite. And it’s cheap. The great thing is that there are also so many fine restaurants where I can spend hundreds of dollars. I can have the best of both worlds any time I want to.
  • Wait in line in the bank? I just love it. It gives me time to hear the latest gossip (practice Spanish again), what’s happening in town and get to meet new people all the time.
  • Before I do it my way, I first consult how a Tico does it. Does what? Anything! It might work better than my way.

Why treating Ticos like shit is not right

I beg you

So now you know! I beg you all not to be treating Ticos like shit. It is not right. It will bite you in the ass eventually. Oh sorry, I did it again…

Maybe this was a daring blog and some didn’t even get this into reading it. For those who did, thanks for all your support and staying with me, blog after blog. You know by now that I say things the way they are, which is not always accepted by everyone. So be it.

Why treating Ticos like shit is not right

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