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5 Crucial Keys to NOT be an Angry Seller

5 Crucial Keys to NOT be an Angry SellerSometimes, a real nice person becomes an angry seller that realtors don’t want to work with/for.

It is surprising what selling a house might do to perfectly nice people. I’ve told you about this perfect seller before. I love working with motivated people.

The pressure turns a nice person into an angry seller. I see them all the time. Often that happens when the seller is motivated but is trying to get a higher price than a buyer is willing to pay. So the selling process takes to long, and the pressure is building up.

There are many reasons that it can take a long time for a house to sell. The most important reason usually it’s the asking price that’s too high.

So, the sellers have been waiting for a while for the right buyer to show up. Finally, a motivated bargain hunter makes a low-ball offer. And the next angry seller was born…

A Bad Offer

I just finished up the ugliest sale I closed in my Costa Rica real estate career.  The sellers of a house in Santa Ana decided to take a bad offer. They were so angry at me though, I’m sure they thought it was all my fault. So why not shoot the messenger!

I really love selling real estate. Those who know me can confirm that. Almost all buyers are fun to work with, except for an abusive buyer we get now and then. Sellers are usually the most difficult ones to deal with. Especially when they receive an offer that they don’t like.

5 Crucial Keys to NOT be an Angry Seller

The Sale Price

From the moment of signing the option to purchase – sale agreement, this couple became a seriously angry seller.  They were never cooperative during the 2 months to get to closing. Even when the buyer requested a perfectly normal procedure to Costa Rican standards.

A Seller in Grecia

Also, this week, I received a phone call from the property owner of a Grecia property, listed by Brooke Bishop. The poor man sounded desperate. He was irritated that Brooke was not happy with the promotion results on his property. So, he started shouting at me.

When I told him that unfortunately, I disagreed with his tirade, he hung up on me. The result was that I deleted his listing right away and told Brooke not to bother with him anymore. And we got rid of an angry seller.


There are 5 points on information that are important to know for sellers. Understanding these 5 points will stop nice sellers from becoming an angry seller unnecessarily.

5 Crucial Keys to NOT be an Angry Seller

1. Getting Paid

Yes, the seller always pays the real estate commission. But… You have to understand that no matter how hard the real estate agent works, he/she doesn’t get paid if someone else sells the property. That’s because we don’t take exclusive listings.

a. We get paid to sell the property, and not to get shouted at.

b. The seller pays…at closing.

c. The realtor never gets paid for advertising, gasoline, tires, phone bills lunches with clients, and all efforts made unless he/she sells the property.

Just the fact that the sellers pay the real estate commission doesn’t give you the right to abuse the realtor.

2. Exclusive Listing

Don’t sign an exclusive listing agreement with any agency. At GoDutch Realty, we NEVER take an exclusive listing. All our listings are open listings, so we have no obligations with you. We do everything we can to sell your property. For free, until closing. That’s when you pay us.

Are you a control freak and like to be bossy? Then do NOT get involved in the process of selling your house. Leave it to your realtor, unless you think you can do better as an FSBO. Control the way your house looks at showings. This will contribute to an easy sale. Then just be ready to come to pick up your check at closing.

3. Back home is Different

If you are selling a property in Costa Rica, you have to accept that everything is done what’s customary in Costa Rica. Don’t expect you’ll be able to do it YOUR way. Costa Rica has different rules and different laws, so you need to adjust to the country.

Don’t say “in the US we do” on everything you don’t agree with. If you want to do it as “in the US”, don’t hire a real estate agent. Do it all yourself! Just advertise your property as a for “sale by owner” and go your own way.

5 Crucial Keys to NOT be an Angry Seller

4. No MLS

Costa Rica does not have a REAL MLS, as you know in the United States for example. Therefore, giving an exclusive to one agency is suicide.

We recommend listing with several agents, so you won’t have all your eggs in one basket. Don’t expect your listing agent to touch base with you every week, for reasons see point 1.

5. Feedback

Most buyers look at many homes and with different agents, for the lack of an MLS. It is very difficult to get good feedback from most buyers. I know you want to hear how great your home is and that you want to see an offer. If this happens, you’ll be the first to hear about it, I promise. If there is no feedback, you will get no call from your listing agent. See point 1.

More Later

I now realize that I have many more points about how to stop yourself from being an angry seller than I can reasonably fit in only one blog. So I decided to write a 2nd blog.

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