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5 Magic tips for a normal life while selling your house

Planning on selling your house or you already have it for sale? I bet you already know that selling a house in Costa Rica can take a while. Some don’t realize that the time that it takes, is really up to the seller. Pricing is usually the reason that a house sells quickly, or not!

As important as the price is the way the house shows. Most homes we show are just a mess, all the time. Buyers see the mess, not the details that could attract them enough to buy the house.

I assume you have already read some of my past articles. In those, I told you about the helpful home owner and my yellow card system. If you have any pets, I’d recommend you get up to date on that too.

If you are selling your house through an open listing, the agent will not come over to tidy up the house to show it. Even though most agents will call ahead to make a showing appointment, you might not have a lot of time to tidy up. I know, it’s a total hassle, but you want to sell, right? So you and your family will need to put in some effort too and cooperate in getting it sold.

And I assume you’d like your life to go on as normal as possible in the process. For that simple reason, I’d like to give you these 5 Tips for a normal life while selling your house:

1.    Have fresh flowers or fruits

Even if you don’t have any buyers coming today, isn’t it a great idea to always have fresh flowers and fruits in the house? Gives the house a much happier feeling and you’ll be much happier yourself.  Flowers, as well as fruits are still cheap here, take advantage of that fact.

Get plenty of flowers and as soon as you know a buyer will be coming that day, snip a few short and put them on the bathroom vanities and bedside tables.

Your house deserves to be shown to a buyer as a happy house. Doesn’t it?

2.    Make a showing checklist

You’re going to get that call from the real estate agent sometime in the evening: “can I show your house tomorrow at 9 am?”

Like you’re going to remember everything you need to do to make the house look perfect when the agent brings the buyer, right? Why become a nervous wreck if you can just make a showing checklist? Drill all your family members in helping a hand. You’ll have the house in top shape a matter of minutes by using this 10-point checklist!

  • Keep kids toys out of sight, as well as pet stuff
  • Don’t leave the laundry hanging outside
  • Keep the dishes washed and put away
  • Have the kitchen counters, bathroom counters and table wiped down
  • Keep all the bedrooms organized
  • Don’t leave any towels hanging to dry in the bathrooms
  • Put the toilet seats down
  • Have your desk (or kitchen table) organized
  • Have the curtains or shades open
  • Keep the yard clear of dog poop

I like the idea of keeping this checklist for selling your house on your phone. As soon as you know there will be a showing, send the list by messenger or Whatsapp to the whole family.

3.    Make the beds

It won’t be the first time a have to kick underwear under the bed when showing a house. Kids are still asleep at 10:00 am or I’m not able to show a bedroom because it’s locked. I’ve found bathrooms that are a disaster.  I think I’ve seen it all. Make it a point, while the house is for sale, to change those bad habits.

Once you move to a new house, I don’t care how long your kids sleep and how messy your home looks.

4.    Fresh towels

Keep a spare set of fresh towels. It will take only minutes to stage each bathroom n the house. After the showing, put them back so you can use them again next time without trouble.

5.    Do not get involved

Allow the agent to do her/his job. Don’t get involved. Also, please don’t make suggestions or try to give the buyer any new ideas. Don’t trail along with the whole family; it’s impossible you’ll all fit in the kitchen. Don’t interfere with the agent. Try to not even be there and if you are, make yourself invisible.

If you follow my suggestions on selling your house, you’ll be surprised at how little the showings will interfere in your life. If you’d like a professional real estate team to assist you in the sale of your property, contact us now.

Feel free to leave your comments on this blog.

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