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9 Benefits of owning a Cariari single story home

9 benefits of owning a Cariari single story homeWhen you get older, the knees cooperate much less, as do some other joints. That’s probably when its time you need to buy a Cariari single story home.

Why in Cariari might you ask? Well, there are quite some good reasons and even more benefits to buying a Cariari single story home. The best part of the story is that there are quite a few Cariari single story homes on the market.

The main reason is that Cariari, also called Ciudad Cariari, is almost flat. Costa Rica has lots of mountains, hills, and valleys. But Cariari is practically flat.

The words single story home is also often searchable in Google as a one-story home or a one storey home, depending on the nationality of the English spoken person.

9 benefits of owning a Cariari single story home

Let’s go through the benefits of a Cariari single story home

1. Cheaper to cool

Cariari offers warmer weather such as Santa Ana and Atenas. Do you like to keep your Cariari single story home cool? You will save on your energy bills because it’s much cheaper to keep a single story home cool than a 2-story home

2. Beautiful neighborhood

The topography of Cariari is practically flat. In addition, there are sidewalks all over the neighborhood, so you can walk without any risks. Even the Club Cariari golf course is walkable without having to damage your knees.

3. Lower maintenance cost

Single story homes have much lower maintenance costs and repair. The main reason is that everything is easy to access. Cleaning gutters on a one story home is much easier than cleaning them on a 2nd story.

4. More generous floor space

Obviously, a staircase takes up a lot of space in a house, even though this usually also creates more storage. A staircase needs a lot of valuable floor space on both floors.

9 benefits of owning a Cariari single story home

5. Fewer accidents

A single story home has a much higher degree of safety. There is no risk of falling down the stairs and easier to evacuation during a fire.

6. Handicap Accessible

A single story house is or can be made handicap accessible easily.

7. Easier cleaning

A single story house is much easier to clean than a two or more story house.

8. Laundry

Carrying dirty laundry downstairs and then carrying it back upstairs when it’s clean is hard work.

9 benefits of owning a Cariari single story home

9. Light

If there is a dark area in the house, is it easy to build a skylight.

Planning for a Cariari single story home? Contact us now. Our Cariari agent Shell can show you a great inventory and I’m sure you’ll find a couple that will match your requirement.

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