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Are appliances included in your Costa Rica home purchase or rental?

Are appliances included in your Costa Rica home purchase or rental?Darling, I love that luxury condo in Escazu; I just sent you the link so you can have a look at the photos. I already sent an email to the realtor if that 36” Sub-Zero side-by-side built in is included in the sale of the condo.

And you should see the rest of the appliances in the kitchen; imagine they include the GE Profile Stainless Steel Fridge and freezer, GE Warming drawer, built in GE Profile Double Ovens, Gas 6 burner Viking range, 15,000 BTUS per burner and Dishwasher.

Its wow! I’d buy that place in a heartbeat if it’s true they really include all the appliances in the sale of the condo.

When you look for Costa Rica home for sale online, it’s usually not very clear if the appliances are included in the sale or not. A smart real estate agent would probably remember to mention it in the description of the home or condo, especially if the appliances are top of the line.

Many websites have a separate section where the agent just clicks what is included in the property for sale or for rent.  So what is customary?

Is the home offered for sale with the top of the line appliances or not?

Is the home offered for sale with the top of the line appliances or not?

The cost of appliances

Appliances carry a high import tax rate in Costa Rica and are all imported; therefor the cost to purchase appliances is high. A 36” Sub-Zero can cost somewhere around $25,000 and might not be included in the sale of a luxury condo. There are many large appliances stores in Costa Rica where you have a good choice of inventory of different brands. There are also many stores that sell used appliances.

Before you purchase, check on online forums if the distributor/importer of a brand you are interested in has its own repair shop and imports spare parts. That can be of great help when taking a decision on which brand to choose.

For rent

When a Costa Rica home or luxury condo is for rent, it’s not unusual that the appliances shown in the photos are not included in the rent. Double check with the listing agent to make sure they are included or not included. The purchase of appliances can run at several thousand dollars and might make the difference when you want to sign a lease agreement on a particular house for rent.

You can always bring your own appliances

You can always bring your own appliances

For rent furnished

When you see a house for rent advertised furnished or furnished & equipped, usually the mayor appliances are included when a house is rented furnished.

For sale

Most Costa Rica homes and luxury condos for sale do not have the appliances included in the sales price unless it is advertised turnkey. Luxury homes for sale usually do not have the appliances included in the sales price, unless they’re built in.

Built in

Sometimes, appliances are built in, such as a range hood or exhaust hood, an oven, a cooktop or water filter systems, but never assume they are included. Always ask if they’re included or not and have them included in the rental agreement or the option to purchase sale-agreement.

Ask your real estate agent specifically if the appliances are included in the sale of the offered property.  Have your agent always include an inventory list of what is supposed to be included in your offer and in the option to purchase sale agreement, so there will be no misunderstandings later.


Many families in Costa Rica have a full time housekeeper so they don’t need a dishwasher. Many houses in Costa Rica don’t even have a space for a dishwasher or the water connection and drain in the kitchen. Even newer condos in a condo building might not have a dishwasher or the space to install one, check before you assume.

Smaller appliances

You will find that most of the time only the larger appliances are included if any are, such as refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Small appliances like a microwave, blender, toaster and others are usually not included if the listing states that appliances are included.

Small appliances are usually not included

Small appliances are usually not included

If you have any doubt about a Costa Rica home listing, for sale or for rent, hire a GoDutch Realty agent to be your buyer’s agent, so you can trust you get all the right answers on your questions.

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