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Do a final walk-through on your Costa Rica home before closing

Do a final walk-through on your Costa Rica home before closingDo you know it’s important to do a final walk-through before closing?

Today’s the day, you have almost made it! Today is the closing date on this beautiful Costa Rican home you are buying. Now you are only hours away from “home sweet home”.

Your home inspector came up with a perfect home inspection report. And your attorney has done his title search and the property had no liens.

No matter if you are represented by a GoDutch Realty agent or not. You should ALWAYS insist on doing a final walk-through on the day of the closing. Just like your closing attorney does a final title check before closing too.

Imagine you find a mess after closing? Suing a Costa Rica real estate seller doesn’t get you anywhere; it is a long and tedious process. I prefer the “no cure, no pay” process. Therefore, I recommend a final walk-through to be scheduled on the day of the closing.

The objective of the walk-through is to ensure that the Costa Rica home stands in the same condition as when you agree to buy it. If your real estate agent has done his/her job correctly, in the offer or the option to purchase – sale agreement, the sale was made subject to several points.

At least one of those points should be about furniture, curtains, light fixtures, appliances and other fixtures that are included in the sale or not. Costa Rica real estate is sold “as is” so try to be as detailed as possible as you can in your offer.

Do a final walk-through on your Costa Rica home before closing

What can go wrong?

10 things that can be wrong if you do not do your walk-through on the day of the closing:

  • The seller has not moved out.
  • A trashed house
  • Wall to wall carpeting has also disappeared
  • The appliances and curtains that were supposed to stay are not there.
  • A not-functioning water pump of the water back-up system
  • There are no water heaters
  • The sellers pulled light fixtures, electrical outlets, and electrical wires
  • A flooded house because someone forgot to shut a faucet or close the windows
  • A house full of garbage
  • The kitchen cabinetry has disappeared

This is only a short list of things that can go wrong. I have seen lists a lot longer than that. Believe me; I hate to scare anybody unnecessarily. The reason for this blog is that I have seen all the above issues happen.

Better be safe than sorry and do your walk-through before closing on your Costa Rica home.

Do a final walk-through on your Costa Rica home before closing

Contact a GoDutch Realty agent when you want things done right with your Costa Rica real estate purchase.

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