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Is an unfinished house difficult to sell in Costa Rica?

Is an unfinished house difficult to sell in Costa Rica?I don’t even know why I accept to list an unfinished house anymore. I rarely do because I know they’re almost impossible to sell.

Most of the time, it is hard to see the difference between an unfinished and an abandoned house. At what point does unfinished become abandoned? Either way, the seller will lose a lot of money, if not everything.

Old homes and 5-bedroom homes are difficult to sell but an unfinished house is even harder.

Once in a while, I get the request to list an unfinished house. No matter at what price I list it, a buyer always thinks it’s too expensive.

I’ve had my share of unfinished houses to sell over the years. I’m kind of tired trying to sell them. I guess I feel bad for the owners when they’re nice people. I really do!

There are several reasons someone doesn’t finish a house.

  • Some run out of money,
  • Others get ruined by their contractor,
  • A divorce,
  • The loss of a job,
  • or maybe they are fed up with living in Costa Rica.

When any of that happens to them, they try to sell.

Is an unfinished house difficult to sell in Costa Rica?

Tropical weather

The tropical weather in Costa Rica damages everything, especially what’s unfinished. During the rainy season, something unfinished acquires an abandoned look in less than no time. If the unfinished house at least has a roof, there will be some kind of protection.

But if there is only gray construction, the rain damages rebar and unprotected concrete so much, it soaks up the water.  Once that happens, it’s better to demolish.

Unfinished woodwork like doors and window frames will get damaged with sun and rain.

How to advertise

How should a real estate agent advertise an unfinished house? It really is a problem. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Fixer upper opportunity
  • House is falling apart. In need of restoration.
  • Unfinished house for sale
  • Seller’s Armageddon can be your Paradise now
  • Abandoned house for sale
  • In need of TLC
  • To be demolished
  • Vision required
  • Seller’s profits vaporized, it’s all yours now
  • Blood on the wall, seller is the getting smart
  • Seller is taking a beating
  • Basement Sale (because it’s all that’s left)
  • Real Estate Clearance Sale
  • Cheap ruin for sale

Is an unfinished house difficult to sell in Costa Rica?

Home inspection

At GoDutch Realty, we always recommend a home inspection to our buyers before writing up a contract. If you are selling an unfinished house, have a home inspection before you put it on the market. Then you’ll be able to show a potential buyer what you’re selling, so nobody wastes any time.

I recommend

Even though I always recommend the seller to first finish the house, it never happens. Then I list the house, for a while. Then I get fed up with it, and I delete the listing.

Do you own an unfinished house in Costa Rica and want to sell it? Then dump it, or “bajase los pantalones” at the land value or demolish the house. Or first, finish the house and we’ll assist with pleasure, feel free to contact us.

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