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10 ways to beat the urge of buying property in the wrong place

10 ways to beat the urge of buying property in the wrong placeBuying in the wrong place can change your life tremendously. Honestly, I’ve met people who have wanted to hang themselves, because of it. I’ve written a blog about that before.

Unfortunately, I get listing requests from people who purchased in the wrong place all the time. Of course, they are desperate to sell!

You have to understand that it’s entirely your own fault if you buy in the wrong place. I suggest you first follow the amazing suggestions to learn where to live in Costa Rica in 20 steps. Once you and your real estate agent(s) have narrowed that down, you have 90% of the problem solved.

Of course, trying to cover these 10 steps when buying an FSBO won’t work. Then, those steps will always lead you back to that same FSBO when you want to sell… which might lead you to want to hang yourself in 3 years or less.

10 Ways

Now, I’d like to show you 10 ways to beat the urge of buying in the wrong place.

1. First, decide what your preferences of activities and necessary amenities are. Do you think you found the right place?

2. Don’t take a decision in 1 day

3. If you like something you’ve seen, take a deep breath

4. Will it provide everything you’re looking for?

5. Can you pay for it?

10 ways to beat the urge of buying property in the wrong place

6. When you decide you really like it, make a list. Advantages on the left, disadvantages on the right. Then take another deep breath

7. Ask questions, about everything you feel uncomfortable about

8. Head over heart. Don’t make your purchase emotional

9. Keep the end in mind: you’ll have to re-sell again. Will you be able to? Is there a real estate agent in the area?

10. Don’t let paralysis take over from analysis. Make the final decision and move on

Are you feeling comfortable with the outcome of each one of the 10 ways to beat the urge of buying in the wrong place?

Then you’re now ready to buy. Please love your property. And the realtor who assisted you! Please send lots of referral business. Contact us now.

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