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8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are selling

8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are sellingI have decided to give sellers 8 dumb responses from homeowners they should NOT use if they’re really motivated to sell.

First of all, I always recommend sellers to not even be at home when the agent is showing the property. But, I understand how difficult that is. It’s even harder to keep your mouth shut and allow the agent to do his/her job.

That said, the least I can do, is to give those insisting homeowners a hand. By showing how easy it is to say the wrong thing.

“Why are you selling” is a perfectly innocent question, where most sellers tend to put their foot in their mouth. Of course, it is much better if the seller is not even around at the showing. That way, the question won’t even be asked (or they’ll ask the agent). I want to remind you we have no disclosure laws in Costa Rica.

Buyers will definitely take advantage of the situation if they feel they can get a really good deal. You’ll understand better after reading the 8 dumb responses from homeowners often give when asked that simple question.

8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are selling

1. We’re in a divorce

Once a client finds out you’re in a divorce, they’ll know you want out. As fast as possible. So, with the statement that you are in a divorce, you’re only putting more stress on yourself and your agent.

2. My wife passed away

Though we feel really sorry for your loss, don’t say that your wife (or spouse) passed away. Buyers might think they’ll be sleeping in the same bedroom where someone died recently.

8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are selling

3. We have lousy neighbors

Yeah, that will sell your house really fast. Why not put a sign in your front yard and warn buyers before they even come in?

4. We already bought a new house

Oh man, you’re under a lot of pressure. Sure you’ll be paying two mortgages. A buyer will smell a really good deal.

5. I can’t afford the maintenance

This is not a good sign. A buyer doesn’t want to purchase a money pit. Don’t explain all that needs to be done. The agent will probably tell you to request a home inspection.

8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are selling

6. I lost my job

Again, we feel sorry for your loss. But don’t tell the buyer you lost your job. It’s another one of those dumb responses from homeowners you don’t want to use.

7. The bank is foreclosing on me

Your financial burdens should not be made public, even if your house looks terrible.

8. The neighborhood is noisy

Buyers should do their own homework, especially if the buyers are represented by their own agent. The noise of the neighborhood is definitely not something that you need to advertise if you’re a motivated seller.

8 Dumb responses from homeowners on why they are selling

A positive reason

If you can’t get away from giving a reason, you might be able to come up with some good ones yourself. I would say, don’t lie when giving an answer but try to make them real positive. You can say something like “we want to be closer to the grandkids, but we are really sorry to move”.

Do you still want to list your house for sale? Then make sure you contact the experts. But please promise me not to use any of the 8 dumb responses from homeowners during showings.

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