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A cry for Grecia rental property investors

A cry for Grecia rental property investorsThis is a cry for Grecia rental property investors. The reason I am inviting you to invest in Grecia rental property because you can make a smart and safe investment without running any risk at all.

Our rental market in Grecia assures any investor of a 6% ROI as an absolute minimum, being very conservative. AND you have the possibility of using your retirement funds like 401(k) or IRA to make this investment possible. We can assist you professionally and will show you the way.

Recently, since the last US elections, we’re running out of Grecia rental property all the time. It’s so bad that we’ve had to hire Karina to help Brooke finding Grecia rental property to list.

It doesn’t happen so often that we have totally run out of rental property. But the moment has arrived. We need Grecia rental property investors urgently!

What is going on?

There is a lot of competition from countries like Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua and other even cheaper destinations. Some might think that Costa Rica is out of the picture now as a prominent retirement destination. Well, esta muy equivocado, you’re mistaken if you think that.


Of course we recommend any future retiree to visit all those other retirement destinations, so you can see for yourself. That’s when you’ll find out that living in Costa Rica is a lot more expensive than it is in those other destinations. But… life in Costa Rica is so much better. It’s the lifestyle that is so similar to what retirees are used to that makes most new expats move here.

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A perfect rental property building lot in Cajon de Grecia

Why Grecia

Grecia was practically unheard of in the expat community of before Brooke Bishop became our agent. The biggest attraction was the affordable property. Plus, Grecia offered all the necessary micro climates and panoramic views that any real estate agent could even dream of.

For rent

Is everyone looking for Grecia rental property now? No, definitely not. We are still getting as many expats looking to purchase property in Escazu, Santa Ana, Atenas and of course Grecia. Grecia was up and coming just a few years ago. Now, our agents have to work hard to keep up with their Grecia property inventory. We have 80 properties in Grecia for sale alone, not counting Sarchi and Naranjo. Quite a few of those would function perfectly well for Grecia rental property investors.


For the past year, after the US elections, we are getting a lot of requests to rent. Most are in the $650 – $900/month price range. We need furnished and unfurnished Grecia rental property. We need short term and long term rentals (by the month or a year minimum).

Paving the way?

Thinking of retiring in Costa Rica in 5 years? Get your feet wet now. You can now make a risk free investment in Grecia rental property as an investor and in 5 years move into the property yourself. It’s a great way to ease into that retirement and it gives you the time to figure out if Costa Rica is for you or not. You can always change your mind about retiring in Costa Rica later on and we’ll just put your rental property on the market again.

The tenants

I published this blog about the 9 things I hate most about tenants in Costa Rica for a reason. The tenants our agents will be able to supply are very different from the ones mentioned in that blog. The advantage of the Grecia rental property market is that most tenants are retired, have a fixed income and are stable tenants.

Brooke’s recommendations

Let me give you an idea of what options we can offer, check out the recommendations below. If you would like to receive more information on possible revenue, contact us now.

Affordable home in Grecia gated community for sale – $115,000

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A super nice garden


  • Great deal
  • Single level home
  • In nice gated community
  • Low HOA fee, which is a huge plus
  • Master bedroom as en-suite bathroom
  • Nice garden
  • Great community pool

See property listing now.

Newer Grecia home in a quiet area – $125,000

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A super nice kitchen


  • Walk to town
  • Single story
  • Almost new
  • Nice kitchen
  • Lots of light

See property listing here.

Delightful Sarchi Home Walking Distance to Downtown – $129,000

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A super nice curb appeal


  • Walk to town
  • Single story
  • Totally fenced
  • Safe parking
  • Beautiful curb appeal

See property listing now.

Great Grecia House for sale with Gorgeous views and a Terrace – $150,000

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A super nice view


  • Panoramic views
  • Incredible terrace
  • Great bus access to town

See property listing here.

Spacious furnished Grecia ranch home with a nice yard and great views – $159,000

A cry for Grecia rental property investors
A super nice covered terrace


  • Panoramic views
  • Gorgeous garden
  • Furnished
  • Covered terrace

See property listing now.

In case any of the above Grecia properties are sold, please ask us what else we have available for you. Interested in getting involved in Grecia rental property investment? We will receive you with open arms, contact us now.

Feel free to leave your comments on this blog.

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