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Book an Atenas vacation rental on time or sleep in the park

Book an Atenas vacation rental on time or sleep in the parkThe Atenas vacation rental is the hottest item this season. If you are looking to rent a home in Atenas – Costa Rica you need to reserve on time, please do so.

If you don’t, you will have to sleep on a bench in the park of Atenas. Atenas has a very nice park, mind you. But those benches are all concrete and not very comfortable.

GoDutch Realty usually doesn’t get involved in homes for rent very much. There are several reasons for that, but this time I won’t get into that. Atenas and Grecia are really the only locations in the Central Valley where we really do a lot of rentals. Most Atenas vacation rental units are always occupied quickly before the high season.

Last week I received an email that said: “We are still in the area and could rent for one week but it has to be between tomorrow and March 28”.

A Bench in the Park?

So it was either a B & B, a hotel, or a bench in the park.

If you are looking for an Atenas vacation rental for this high season, I really have to disappoint you. In case you didn’t reserve your Atenas vacation home in time, you’ll have to look to rent a bench in the park of Atenas. At least it’s a nice park!

Book an Atenas vacation rental on time or sleep in the park

Sleep on the beach

It reminds me of a vacation trip Dany and I made to Cancun 25 years ago. We had reserved a hotel room for 5 nights and figured we would find a cheaper room for another 3 nights while being there. This was during Christmas week…

I was young and stupid. It took us the first 5 days to find a room for the other 3 nights. We sat in on every time-share meeting and knocked on every door possible to find that room. We almost had to sleep on the beach. That taught me to ALWAYS make a for rent reservation on time.

Contact us on Time

Since at GoDutch Realty we worry about the wellbeing of our clients, I decided to write a blog about it. I’d hate you would have to sleep in the park because you didn’t reserve your Atenas vacation rental in time. Please do not email us a couple of days before you are flying down to look for rentals. But it’s not necessary to email us 2 years ahead of time as some do either. 3 – 6 months ahead of time is plenty to make your reservation.

Book an Atenas vacation rental on time or sleep in the park

We believe you can make a really good ROI when buying an Atenas home for sale. There is always a shortage of good vacation rentals in Atenas.

Worried about property management? Please don’t be. Atenas has great property managers who love to stay busy keeping your property in good shape. Contact us now, so we can rent your property instead of a bench in the park of Atenas.

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