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Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?

Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?Do you like my hairdo and tattoos? I try not to discriminate, quite the opposite. My parents have educated me very liberally, like good and open-minded Dutch. In other blogs, I have been quite outspoken about gay issues and racism.

How important is it for a real estate agent in Costa Rica to dress well, drive a fancy car, and behave like a realtor from Hollywood?

I don’t really care if people cover themselves with tattoos, piercings, or get a nice punk haircut. Why would I, right? It’s their body and their decision. Not that I like it, it’s not my style of how I would like to look myself. Just looking at my picture here tells me I should keep my grey hair and not get a tattoo of our logo on my neck either.

I know a few real estate agents who have a tattoo and it doesn’t bother me at all. It is the way they want to present themselves to their clients and that’s fine. I just don’t want my own agents to look extreme.

Would I hire someone who is covered in tattoos? Would I hire someone who has piercings all over his or her face or have a weird hairdo?


It’s far too controversial for the real estate business, to my opinion. Unless your niche is to sell real estate to the artist world and clients who love tattoos, and piercings.

Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?


Company Tattoo

Anthony Lolli, owner of Rapid Realty in Brooklyn, doesn’t agree with me. Anthony found a much different niche in the market than I and actually offered his employees a 15% salary raise if they would tattoo the company’s logo anywhere on their body. Only 40 of his 1,100 employees accepted the proposal.


In the ’90s a friend of mine in Playas del Coco asked me to list a hotel a block from the beach. This was when (when real estate agents were still listing property country-wide.

The Dutch owners of the hotel were tired of the hotel business and wanted to sell. That was because they had problems getting their hotel occupied, even in the high season. When I arrived, I immediately knew why.

Both husband and wife were completely covered in tattoos. When we met in the lobby, a Tico family walked in. As soon as their little daughter saw the couple sitting there with me, she ran outside screaming and crying. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because she was afraid of me.

The Dutch couple was extremely nice and they should probably have started a tattoo shop as they had in Holland. The hotel business in Playas del Coco was definitely not their type of business.

The hotel sold quickly and became one of the most successful small hotels in Coco Beach.

Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?


My first website was done by a German who had quite a few tattoos on his arms. That was before tattoos became fashionable. He was a very good webmaster and that was all I cared for. He used long-sleeved shirts to cover his tattoos all the time. I imagine that he now must be a happy camper seeing so many people with tattoos.

Who Wears Tattoos

Tattoos are popular again. It was very acceptable for years that bartenders and graphic designers were adorned with tattoos or piercings, but now, it is likely that the school teacher, the bank manager, or the real estate agent is sporting a tribal tattoo or a nose ring. In 2009, nearly half of 26-40-year-olds (40%) and 36% of 18-25-year-olds have tattoos, and 22% of 26-40-year-olds and 30% of 18-25-year-olds have at least one body piercing, according to the Pew Research Center.

Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?

Yes or No?

I’d like to answer the question “Can a real estate agent be successful showing tattoos or a different haircut?”, I really don’t know. I think the Costa Rican real estate market is too small to market yourself as the Tattooed Realtor as I did in my blog “Meet your marijuana friendly real estate broker in Costa Rica”. People who like tattoos, wouldn’t mind at all.

Although the largest percentage of the GoDutch Realty market is over 55 years old. For most people over 55, how many tattoos would be acceptable? One, two, or 50 tattoos? And how many piercings would that be? And what about a realtor with a punk hairdo?

Looks don’t show how knowledgeable someone is in his or her trade or profession. I know a chef in Costa Rica who has tattoos all over her body and she cooks incredibly well.

I DO know that I want our agents to be reasonably presentable to my clients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that an agent should be dressed like a business person, in a suit & tie, or a dress and high heels. About how a Costa Rica real estate agent dresses or should dress, I will do another blog.

Can a realtor be successful wearing tattoos or a different haircut?


The younger generations might see things a little differently than I do. But my son Andres, a great real estate agent who is of that younger generation, seems to agree with me.

If you want tattoos or piercings, and you want to work for GoDutch Realty, put them in a place you can cover. Then you’re welcome to come and work for us anytime.

Are you planning to purchase a property in Costa Rica and you have tattoos, piercings, and/or a weird hairdo? We don’t care. Just contact us and we’ll assist with pleasure.

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