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Can you rent a furnished house without furniture?

Can you rent a furnished house without furniture?Why not just rent a house without furniture? That was my first reaction to Claire asking if she could rent a furnished house without furniture.

Then I got intrigued. I was intrigued because we get email requests like that quite often, so I decided to search for the answer.

Once I figured it out, I felt that I needed to write a blog about it. So next time, I can just send the link as an answer without having to explain much.

That’s how many of my blogs are born.

In brief

Claire’s question: Can I rent this furnished house without furniture?

Ivo’s answer: No you can’t.

Claire’s question: Why not?

Ivo’s answer: read this blog.

Can you rent a furnished house without furniture?
Unfurnished houses look empty on a picture


Why would anyone look at furnished houses for rent on our website and then ask if they could rent a certain house without furniture?

It took me quite some deep thought but I think I’ve figured it out.

All those who ask if they can rent a certain furnished house without furniture, are usually not actively looking for a house to rent, yet. They plan to rent one day when they are ready to move. When is that? Maybe in a year… or two… or three. Claire is not much different.


Claire is surfing the World Wide Web, looking for a house without furniture for rent. But empty houses look so ugly. They look so… empty. Houses with furniture look so much nicer, they’re homey. Plus, I cannot see if my furniture would fit in those rooms. How large are they?

If I look at houses for rent with furniture, I can find nice ones that have the same size furniture as I have.

Of course, it’s also possible that for some reason, Claire likes the houses that have furniture better than the ones that don’t. The solution, in this case, is that Claire sells her furniture and rents the house with the furniture she doesn’t like.

Can you rent a furnished house without furniture?
Everyone loves this house but apparently doesn’t want the furniture

Why not?

Why won’t a landlord rent a furnished house without furniture? There are four logical answers to that:

  1. A furnished house rents for a much better price than a house without furniture. Besides, I can be rented short term too and that would catch an even better price.
  2. If they would rent without furniture in it, they wouldn’t have it furnished.
  3. The landlord would need to find storage for the furniture and guess who would need to pay for that extra storage? So the tenant would have to pay for the furnished rental + storage.
  4. Furniture in storage always gets more damaged than when it’s in use.

The options

Claire really has only two options:

  1. Rent furnished furnished
  2. Rent unfurnished

To rent a furnished house without furniture is not really a good option for Claire. Unless Claire wants to pay a lot more rent than necessary.

A very difficult decision

I know, it’s not easy to try to figure out how a house in Costa Rica looks like from a distance. Real estate agents do not list the sizes of the rooms or even supply a floor plan. Maybe one day, we will start doing that, who knows.

Meanwhile, the only way for a future tenant to figure this out is to make an appointment with the agent. But do this when you’re ready to rent, with the first month and security deposit in hand. That way, when you see the right house without furniture to rent, you can take it off the market right away.

Can you rent a furnished house without furniture?
Furniture in storage gets damaged more than when it’s being used.

Contact us now to rent a house without furniture

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