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Isa is retiring from Atenas real estate and Marian replaces her

Isa is retiring from Atenas real estate and Marian replaces her“OMG” I said when Isa told me a year ago that she was planning to retire from real estate in about a year. “Bad idea. Now I have to find another agent to cover Atenas as well as you did, which is not going to be so easy”.

I had been on my face when hiring new agents before we got Isabelle Jones as our new Atenas real estate agent on board and the last agent who “abandoned me” after training was for the La Garita in Alajuela. Dany, my wife, said “aren’t you getting tired of finding new agents, training them and start all over as soon as they start working on their own”? 

It’s common that once agents are fully trained, they go on their own, because real estate is not licensed in Costa Rica and there is no obligation to work under a broker. But with Isa, things were quite different.

Isa came on board as our new Atenas real estate agent on January 2005 when I sold Dr. Douglas Benn and his wife a house in Atenas, “thank you Douglas”, who moved from Gainesville Florida, which was before highway 27 was open. They fell in love at first sight with the spec house Isa and husband Howard had built in Vista Atenas, rented it for one week to get the money in place and close on the purchase immediately. 

I still appreciate Douglas’s testimonial which you can find on our site:

GoDutch Realty was the only agency to promptly respond to all my emails and pick me up at the airport on arrival. After 2 days of looking we found our house in Atenas. Ivo Henfling then spent 2 days showing the important things such as the CIMA private hospital, shopping, finding a lawyer, a surveyor, home inspector, private bank. Ivo went above and beyond what is expected. I am very satisfied with the post-sale services your GoDutch realtors have offered me. 

I had such a great experience with Isa throughout that sale so I asked her if she was interested in coming on the GoDutch Realty team, which she did. 

Thanks Isa

They were good years for me and I hope they were for Isa too. It is very difficult for a broker, who lives in Escazu, to manage and control business so far away. But Isa didn’t need control, fortunately, at all. 


Isa as a proud GoDutch Realty agent in Atenas

Isa as a proud GoDutch Realty agent in Atenas

To work as a real estate agent is not easy, especially if many of your clients become your neighbors and in such a small town as Atenas, where everybody knows everybody. You have to be careful with every step you make and it is impossible to make everybody happy. I assume she has, because I have never been shot at by an angry client and I don’t think Isa has been either.

Isa and Howard, I want to publicly thank you for all the good and hard work as our new Atenas real estate agent for over 10 years. I appreciate all the good work, for being a great team player and most of all your honesty. I certainly hope your next step in life, your move to Arizona, will be a perfect match just as Atenas was for you for so many years.

Any reader who feel comfortable leaving a message to Isa below, feel free to do so, it will be appreciated.

Marian Chin-A-Kwie – Veltman

Now I’d like to introduce you to Isa’s replacement as our new Atenas real estate agent , Marian Chin-A-Kwie. Since Marian is of Surinamese – Chinese lineage, she has a difficult last name for most, so she has decided to use her husband’s name Veltman. So from now on, you’ll be talking to Marian Veltman if you are interested in Atenas real estate. Marian has been on our GoDutch Realty team for a while, in charge of Atenas rentals. Marian is also Dutch, I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I know you will get along as much with Marian as you can with Isa Jones. Marian speaks fluent English, very well German and Spanish and Dutch as a native.


Meet Marian, our new Atenas real estate agent

Meet Marian Veltman, our new Atenas real estate agent


Marian and husband Aad have been living in Atenas since 2008 and have done property management in the Atenas area until now. Isa took care of most of Marian’s training (thanks Isa) and of course I will be around for any questions or doubt.

If you are a Atenas real estate buyer, renter or seller, feel comfortable to call Marian on her cell phone 8997-4192 or at at her email for information on Atenas property, prices or anything Atenas real estate related. 

Welcome on board Marian and I hope you’ll do as well as Isa did with us and stay at least 10 years……

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