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What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?The nice weather allows us the use of the rancho in Costa Rica for all our fiestas. At any time of the day or night. And not to mention, the siestas.  Is that what a rancho in Costa Rica is good for? Find out now.

In Mexico and most parts of South America, a rancho is a small farm or a house in a rural area. The word rancho has a different meaning in Costa Rica.

Here, a rancho is a gazebo or a pavilion. The dictionary explains a gazebo as a roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area, typically used for relaxation or entertainment.

A rancho in Costa Rica is almost always open on all sides. Due to the incredible temperatures that we have in Costa Rica, you can use a rancho during the whole year. Some ranchos have ceiling fans, but most are totally open for great ventilation at all times.

A rancho can also be a type of shack or choza where the poor live in a tugurio. They also say in Pachuco ‘Voy a jalar al rancho‘ (choza, casa).

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?


You will find very simple ranchos in Costa Rica that are nothing but a roof structure and a floor. While others have an amazing amount of amenities:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Barbecue
  • Sitting area
  • Dining area
  • Bar
  • Full kitchen
  • Hot tub
  • Bathroom
  • Hammocks
  • Gym
  • Views

Often, the views are more panoramic from the rancho than they are from the living room of the home. You can build a rancho right on a cliff or a corner of a property because a rancho is a small and light structure. We always have homes with ocean view ranchos and valley view ranchos in our inventory.

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?


If the pool is away from the main house, you’ll usually find a rancho next to the pool. Many pool ranchos have at least a fridge to keep the beers cold. Others have a much fancier rancho with the best of the best.

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?


Condominiums and gated communities often have a pool area with a rancho. Since the rancho is part of the common area, every homeowner in the community has the right to use. Often you can reserve the gazebo with the condo administration for a private party or a barbecue.

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?


Often, a rancho is the perfect place to work. Wireless makes it possible to work from anywhere around the house. Using the rancho next to the pool to get some work done, allows you to have a dip in the pool now and then.

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?


If you have any fruit trees close to the rancho, you would want to control their harvest. Why? Read this blog about mangoes.

Looking to purchase or rent a home with a rancho in Costa Rica? At GoDutch realty, we have over 50 properties listed with a rancho, check them out now!

What is a rancho in Costa Rica real estate?

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