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How to retire for less in Costa Rica and still be happy

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How to retire for less in Costa Rica and still be happyYou think you can’t afford to retire abroad? You’ve probably been reading on forums and news sites that Costa Rica has become more expensive than it was before, so you’re afraid you will be able to make that big step. 
You’re not rich and you would like to retire anyway, but can you make it on just your retirement income? Are you on social security and want to retire in Costa Rica? It’s a fact that a lot of people who read the weekly Ivo’s blog are far from being rich and have a retirement income of less than $25,000.
Allow me to introduce you to the people who have a lot of experience in how to retire for less in Costa Rica. They have done so themselves in 2009 and made it their main task in their retirement life to tell everybody about it, every month.
I met Gloria and Paul Yeatman a few years ago on an International Living conference in Cancun – Mexico, where Rudy Matthews and I were promoting retirement in Costa Rica.
Gloria and Paul were (and still are) one of the couples who speak on the IL conference about “how to retire for less in Costa Rica and still be happy” and always pull a crowd. They decided to start their own website in 2008 and even their own newsletter full of up to date information on how to live in Costa Rica on a budget and got noticed by International Living because of it. 
Meet Gloria and Paul Yeatman
Meet Gloria and Paul Yeatman
Although we primarily sell real estate in the Central Valley, we actually get quite a huge amount of daily emails from baby boomers that really want to make the big step to live in paradise but can’t afford to purchase a home in Costa Rica, which is why I wanted to write this article about Gloria and Paul. 
I love to write articles about all the weird, awful, bizarre and funny habits that you need to get used to when you move to Costa Rica, the potholes in the road, the mad driving of the motor cyclists, the need to learn basic Spanish, how to handle Costa Ricans who are not proactive and how to handle yourself if you’re a type A personality. Look it all up in Ivo’s blog, those articles will help you adjust to your new home country.
And while you do, check out the two retirement tours that I recommend you do, they’ll help you figure out the best location for your lifestyle.
Find out how you can retire like this in Costa Rica
Find out how you can retire like this in Costa Rica
To figure out if you can afford to retire on the income you have, Gloria and Paul can help you much better than GoDutch Realty can, because we are real estate agents and they are not, with lots of information that they publish on their website all the time, such as:
  • How to enjoy and appreciate life in paradise
  • How to use the affordable healthcare system, save money and stay healthy 
  • How to reinvent yourself and start a whole new life in Costa Rica
  • Downsize, live within your means, and learn how to be happy about it
  • Learn how to go green and save energy 
  • How to live on a social security income, save money, spend less, reduce expenses, live without debt and live a happy life doing so
It is interesting how you can acquire so much knowledge nowadays by just subscribing to newsletters like Gloria and Paul’s and mine and find out totally up to date information on how to retire for less in Costa Rica and be happy in a heartbeat. By doing so, I’m convinced you’d be doing yourself a favor.
And now that I’m at it, let me give you another tip. 
If you are on a low budget and you are looking to rent a furnished house for less than $700/month, check out our rental listings first and in case you don’t find want you are looking for, try Craigslist Costa Rica.

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